Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Porchetta & Co (Soft Shell Crab)

You may have seen me tweeting about this yummy Shoft Shell Crab Po Boy from one of my all time fave sandwich shop Porchetta & Co (see my old post here)
 I miss this Sasturday special last year but after hearing all the raves about this, I just have to try it this year and I've been twice since. This is only served during season and around 4pm-5pm each Staurday only, so please make sure to follow their twitter @PorchettaAndCo for all their specials.

The soft shell crab is the freshest you can get with a super thin batter and the light and refeshing coslaw just added a great contrast to the hot, freshly fried soft shell crab.
Please do ask for a gang bang (aks extra porchetta meat on top), it really add so much more flavor and texture especially with the rinds (^_^) It's just heavenly, please go try before the season ends.

This just came out of the oven and I couldn't resist to take of picture of this beauty ♥

Verdict :


  1. Yummy! I went there this past Saturday for their breakfast sammie which is really good too! I'll have to try their soft shell crab sometime!

  2. You shoudl definetly try this, so good.
    Next, I want to try tehir porchetta waffles and grill cheese =P