Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cafe Belong

As you may have notice from here, here and here that I am a big fan of Evergreen Brick Works and have attended a lot of events there but it was only a few weeks ago that finally try Cafe Belong that's located there. One of those places that I pass by millions times and love the decor and never got the chance to try until now.

It's really pretty at night when you look into the restaurant though their huge window all along the s with the bare wood beam/brick counter/bar/kitchen

It was empty inside that day since everyone opted for the patio (^_^)

♥ so true

We actually went to The Brewer's Backyard (@brewmarket)
taking place at the Brick Works that day, so we actually had a beer (or two) before that, so I opted for a glass of white instead but Ben wanted another one: King Pilsner $5

Norman Hardie Melon Bourgogne - PEC $8 glass
A very light, crisp white wine

Bricklayers Board $20
~ with House Cured Meats, terrine, cheese Pickle, Mustard & Toast
Everything was delicious here and perfect to munch on while lounging on the patio with a cold drink :)

I would have prefer some bread instead of this cracker/flatbread crisp since it was way too salty and flavourful tog with the pate, cheese etc (overpowering) but it's delish to much on it's own

Veggie Flatbread $18
It's so pretty but I find it a bit dry, the peas was fresh but prob dried up just laying on top while it the oven :(

French Toast $15
Just delicious, this remind me of the Hong-Kong style french toast with very crispy/fried exterior. The difference, it's drenched in syrup so no need to pour any over it but I was very surprise that it wasn't extremely sweet (even for me who can't handle sweet things).

Verdict :
Love our Brunch here and I'll definitely come back
Service was great and friendly

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  1. Their soda is amazing!! I don't normally have soda but I tried their apricot one yesterday! It wasn't too sweet and was hit the spot on a hot summer day.

    1. Not a soda fan, but I'll give it a try next time since I saw big pitchers of the syrup on display

  2. That board looks sensational! So does the French toast ;) I'm not usually at Brickworks so hopefully one day I'll get to try Cafe Belong.

    1. Love Brickworks =P
      Yeah, it pretty nice especially on the patio cause most patio are on the streets and car keep passing by which I don't like

  3. I'm salivating at the HK style french toast, and the board - on my gosh! I like Brickworks but haven't been inside Belong yet, so def adding it to my list ;)

    1. So good, I'll probably go back for the farmers market on Sats soon and drop by for brunch :)

  4. Wow the veggie flatbread looks intense! The french toast looks good. Tastes like HK-style french toast? The best kind :)

  5. I think I would try Veggie Flatbread.....