Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers (Twitter: @BulgogiBrosCa & Facebook: BulgogiBrothersCanada) is a recently open franchise Korean Restaurant and I finally made it for a late Sunday lunch. Finally a good Korean Restaurant open up in Richmond Hill and I work only a few minutes away, just can't believe I haven't been earlier.

The space is very spacious and very clean compare to most of the other Korean Restaurant in Toronto, with a brightly lit dinning room and they even have a private room for bigger groups...
Plus they have a very large bar area, which remind me that I must come back to try some Korean cocktail.

The menu is pretty simple here focusing mainly on Korean BBQ with a few appetizers, rice and noodle dishes to choose from.

I find their Lunch BBQ special starting at $16.99 to $18.99 quite reasonable given the portion are rather large, plus it also include salad, soup and choice of  cold noodle (naengmyun) 
or soybean paste (gandaenjang).
And the good thing about Bulgogi Brothers is, each person can choose their own type of meat whereas most other Korean BBQ resto in Toronto, you need minimum of 2 order per meat per table.

Love how they label their tea and list it's benefits :)

Steam Veggies
Saw Justine (foodigatorj) 's post here and they had the corn which look so much prettier :(

 A rather large portion of salad for one person

 A small bowl of Sweet Potato Soup each, it was thick and sweet ♥

 6 side dishes

We order one each of the Gwangyang Style Bulgogi & the Chadolyangji Sukju lunch special.
 Once they bring the meat to the table, the will cook it for you one type at a time.

Gwangyang Style Bulgogi $18.99
~ sliced beef bulgogi with fresh sweet sauce
The meat here is pretty flavorful but on the sweet side, not much dipping sauce needed

Come with 3 dipping sauce, a spicy sauce, sesame salt & spicy bean paste
The waitress told us the bulgogi is best with the spicy sauce which was but on the other hand I didn't find much use with the salt, didn't really do anything.

Comes with side of lettuce allows you to make lettuce wrap together with the meat (Ssam Style) and it's perfect with the Spicy Bean Paste sauce

 Chadolyangji Sukju $17.93
~ sliced brisket bulgogi with green onion, bean sprout & sesame leaf
 Love the fatty part here, the meat wasn't marinated which allow you to taste the meat and perfect to dip however you like into the dipping sauce. I find this delicious even on it's own but given the marinated nature of the previous one (Gwangyang Style) which was better eaten with rice or as lettuce wrap :)


With our lunch special, we each got to choose between cold noodle (naengmyun) 
or soybean soup (gandaenjang)... so we order one each to try.

Bibim Naengmyun
~ cold noodle in their signature hot spicy sauce served with beef & hard boiled egg
 There's a choice between the regular and spicy cold noodle, I normally prefer to order the regular version with have a slightly sour tangy cold broth which I find extremely delicious and refreshing although my love for spicy food.
But Justine (foodigatorj) aka the Korean foodie named this the best spicy cold noodle in Toronto, so I must try it. It was indeed delish and love how it's drenched in hot sauce.
It was so cute since this is a side for one person, it's served in mini portion but the noodle still came pre-cut (other Korean resto normally give you a scissors at the table and you'll have to cut it yourself)

~ fermented soybean paste boiled with pork, shiitake & tofu and served with Rice
I was expecting some king of spicy soup that you usually get with your Korean BBQ meal but this was really thick and definitely not a soup. Together with the tofu, it's thick and salty on it's own but it perfect eaten with rice. I end up falling in love with it ♥

It looks like a tofu dish with spicy sauce =P

Green Plum Tea & Honey Lemon Citrus Tea
This was also included in the meal and I'll have to say that I can't decide which one I like better.
The lemon is sweeter with the honey but with a slight bitterness from the lemon skin while the plum look extremely dark was very light and refreshing.

Verdict :
Love everything I had and will be back to try some other dishes
Price is higher for dinner which make it a bit steep but I would suggest to come try it out for lunch.
And I think that the 2 portion we order here will easily feed 3 or even 4 if you order an extra app.
This is a very convenient location for people in Richmond Hill who are looking for authentic Korean food without traveling over to Yonge & Finch area.

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