Monday, July 23, 2012

Starfish (Summerlicious 2012)

I recently just posted about our Oyster fest here at  Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill (@StarfishOyster)and I decided to go back for their much Summerlicious (@LiciousTO) Lunch since it's only $20 which was a super deal and although of the service hiccup, I've already decided to go back for Winterlicious.

ShuckerPaddy's (aka Patrick @ShuckerPaddy) L'il Seafood Tower
~ Oyster, Clam (n/a), Shrimp, Mussel, crab
We both order the same appetizers and the below should two serving together.
Everything was fresh and yummy, even the horseradish are freshly grated (^_^) ♥

I was disappointed that only one of the crab had "the brain" (fat) intact but we then later saw that they actually take it off on purpose and apparently they miss that one....
What a waste, I love the brain/fat (>_<)

Can't resist to order 1/2 dozen of their Euro Oysters for $15

P.E.I. mussels steamed in white wine
~ confit garlic, lemon, herbs & served with house cut frites
The sauce was very light and didn't have the strong wine taste that you normally get but it was still very flavorful and the mussels was so fresh and sweet (no dead ones here / none that's dead)
I ask for some ketchup for the fries and the waitress just don't remember and we also finish our drinks (white wine for me and beer for him) but we couldn't flag down the waitress :( 

Kawartha Berkshire Pork Loin
~ with a succotash of grilled corn, chipotle cured bacon, black beans and coriander
This tasted a lot better than it look, the pork loin was really moist yet with the slightly crisp top and the star was the succotash underneath, I would have been contend just with a huge bowl of that =P

We waned to ordered another 1/2 dozen oyster after our main but before I finish my mussels, the waitress bought over the dessert and didn't even apologized for bringing it early given that they don't have a time limit for their Summerlicious, at least I wasn't told when I made my reservation.

Sticky Toffee Pudding 
As I've mention on my previous post here, this is super good... Simple, classic yumminess

Poached Ontario Apricot 
~ with a raspberry, Gamay wine reduction and Tahitian Vanilla ice cream

 So no ketchup, no asking if we want another drink and bought dessert before I was done with my main and didn't even bother asking if we wanted coffee... and she only manage to come and ask if we want another drink only after she came to clear our dessert plates.....
I really don't feel like to tipping that much but they included an 18% tip on the bill #nothappy :(

 Verdict :
 Service was lacking for this Summerlicious experience especially compare to the impeccable service we had last time but the food was all very good especially for only $20.
I'll definitely be back for both their regular and Licious menu

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