Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leslieville Pumps

Finally manage to make my way to Leslieville Pump (@LPumps) after hearing so much good thing about this and this is one of my favorite neighbourhood after all (^_^)

Once the eyesore of an old gas station has now revamp to a Wild West storefront using all reclaimed wood.

All four sandwiches look irresistible but we end up choosing the Beef Brisket and the Chicken Tights.

Corn Fritters $3.99
Made fresh, this is served piping hot and are very addictive with the slightly spicy aioli

Southern Style Beef Brisket $7.74
~ The Pumps homemade BBQ sauce, spicy sweet onions and grainy mustard
The brisket was tender and moist but I'll have to say a bit bland and all the flavors from the sandwich came from the BBQ sauce, onions and mustard... the brisket on it's own would be tasteless :(

Hickory Smoked Chicken Thighs $7.74
~ Grilled tomatoes, arugula, sweet chili aioli
The chicken was moist with a hint of cinnamon (I think) and you could really taste the smokiness.
And teh thick slice of tomato just brighten up and give it a pop of freshness while the sweet chili aioli gave it just enough of a kick. Did I mention I love the bun they use, i love sandwiches with a crustier bread instead of lighter bread that can get extremely soggy.

Verdict :
Will be back to tey the pull porjk sandwich, DF pickles and more of the corn fritters.
And it's a bonu that it's right by my favorite Ice Cream/Gelato place and coffee place
(aka Ed's Real Scoop adn Mercury Expresso Bar; see post here)

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  1. What a cool place! I'm so behind in visiting all these interesting new joints...so glad you're blogging about them :)

    1. Love goingto less "dinner" places and more casual small take out-ish palces on the weekends

  2. The Beef Brisket looks so good. It's a shame the meat couldn't stand on its own.

    1. It maybe just me cause I know others who liked it a lot or amybe just that day I went

  3. Aren't those corn fritters amazing? My favourite! Too bad you didn't like the brisket... I actually enjoyed it! More so than the chicken.

    1. Yes, so good that's addictive adn saw your pics on the DF pickles, need to go back for those :)