Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parts & Labour (Summerlicious 2012)

This year, I decided to not go to as much Summerlicious  (@LiciousTO)  since last year have been quite a dissadpointment for me. But Grace (@foodinthecityTO) suggeted we should go to at least one together with Mary (@citrusblack), so I am up for it and they choosed Parts & Labour (@partsnlabour) which I didn't even know participated in licious. Since it have always been on my to-eat list, I was excited.

I was almost an hour late dure to traffic (aka Queen & Spadina closure) but good thing they were not that pack that day and we all still got our table.
I have to say I love the place with the lighting and teh commual tables.

Open Kitchen at the back, you can see Chef Matty Matheson (@mattydeathbro) at work here 

Chardonnay Echos 2010, Tawse, Niagara Peninsula $10

Alaskan Salmon Crudo
~ pickled carrot, black garlic oil, nasturtium
This was so refreshing and simple goodness

Ox Tongue
~ watercress, mustard
This was incredibly moist, tender and flavorful, just love both appetizers so far.

~ chili, garlic, mint, pistachio, pecorino
Fresh hand made pasta is always good but was a bit disadpointed at teh presentation which was so plain but notherless, it was delicious.

Flat Iron Steak
~ fries, salsa verde
Ben ordered rare but it came a bit overcooked (>_<) But what i love was teh salsa verde and the fries which was quite addictive.

Cornish Hen
~ kale, carrots, beech mushroom, radish, demi glace
Me and Mary order this and while mine was way dry and overcook, hers was ok; so I ask for another one.
Frankly the service was rather slow given that it wasn't a full house adn asking to re-make this took another 20 minutes or so. And as per Mary, while her chicken was perfectly cook, some of the bigger mushroom was way undercook.

This was the 2nd one I got and you can see the color difference, this was definetly better.
This time around, it was cook just right... it was moist and tender :)

Creme Brulee & Chocolate Cookie
The creme brulee was not the right consistency and was very runny...
While the cookie was burnt, I mean really burn and not overcooked to the pouint that you can't eat it (same for all 3 of us who ordered it)

Lemon Bar
~ vanilla oil, blueberry

Verdict :
Although the dessert was a total miss, the apps and main made up for it
(although of my chicken which was overcooked but the replace it)
But i have to say that their service was rather slow and it took forever to pay.

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  1. Boo to slow service. I think the ox tongue looks the most enticing ;D

    1. I can accept slow since I was chatting away with the others... what isn't aceptable was the burnt (non eatable) cookie (O_o)"

      I read them twitting about how they hated summerlicious this weekend.... no wonder