Thursday, August 2, 2012

ella's uncle

Was around the area one Saturday and was in need of our daily dose of caffeine... 
pass by ella's uncle many time but have never been

Love this tiny space with an open kitchen on one side but there's not much seating except for the few bar/bar-stool, about 6-7 seats... so no hanging out for some reading or web browsing (>_<)

 We order the usual Latte and also the Ovaltine Latte which was rather sweet, it's just basicall ovaltine with steam milk on top. The coffee here is on the lighter side, personally I like darker roast which mean I won't be coming back anytime soon (>_<)

Verdict :
The latte was a really light roast which to me is like drinking milk 
but I know a lot of people who'll like this
But this is more of a grab and go place, not much seating to enjoy a book or free Wifi :(

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