Thursday, August 9, 2012

Market 707 + Food Trucks

I pass by Market 707 (Twitter @Market707) at Dundas and Bathurst many times, with it's bright Orange Insulated Shipping Containers converted into an outdoor food court are hard to miss. Last month I finally made my way there when I heard there'll also be a few food trucks that day adn I wish I had gone earlier... with the great summer weather, it's just a great hand-out place with vendors representing the international flavours of their home countries; although I'm not sure come winter since I will not want to wait/eat outside.

It is the food outpost of the catering company Tita Flips serving authentic Filipino food.

Palabok $5.00
~ Cornstarch noodles w/ shrimp gravy topped w/ chicken, shrimp, pork craklings, tofu, fried garlic, green onions & boiled egg slices.
It's a rather large portion for that price and it was delicious with a very refeshing lightly sweet and sour taste to it... Oh and teh pork craklings on top are just yummy which remind me to try their Lechon Kawali (boil and then deep freid pork belly) next time

Turon $2 for 6pcs
~ Banana Srping roll
It's a crispy mix of banana (tasted more like plantains to me) and raw sugar in a deep fried springroll wrappers

I have never try pupusa or even heard about it before so we decided to try one... and I just googled it and it's in fact a traditional Salvadoran dish made og a thick handmade corn tortilla that's usaully filled with cheese and meats top with fermented cabbage slaw w/ red chillies and vinegar (wikepedia explanation here)

Cheese Pupusa $2.50

 Time to check out some Food Trucks (^_^)
 Rome'n Chariot and Toasted Tangerine was there as well but was too full to try

Home Brew $2
~ Hibuscus, cucumber, mint, vanilla tonic
This was so good and super refreshing... I wish I have the receipt for this so that I can make it veryday at home =P I wanted to go back and have a 2nd before leaving but they left already :(

Pollo Loco Tacos $8 for 2
~ Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Smoke Pineapple & habanero hot sauce, toasted coconut, sour cream, quickle cabbage, fresh lime
Love the coating on the chicken, it was super flavorful and the chicken was moist and definely very well marinated paired perfectly with the smoke pineapples.

Buster's Sea Cove (@bustersseacove)
Of course I have to visit the guys and apparently they remember me from here (^_^) and teh guys were betting I will order the Fish Tacos again which I did =P

Crab Roll $10
They didn't have that last time so I have to get it, after all I love crab more than lobster.
Mad with Alaskan crab, this was refeshing and similar to the lobster roll here, love the cold on the warm toasted bun and once again it came with a pickle and a bag of chips .

Fish Tacos $4 for 2
And just like last time here, I love it.... one of my fave Fish Taco in Toronto ;) On anotehr occasion I also got to try theirir new adition to their menu, the Shrimp Taco which was equally as good with 3pieces of huge shrimps done similar to the fish taco :)

Key Lime Pie
The guys were so nice to treat me a piece of their pie, love th but wish it was a bit colder but I guess it's difficult with teh hot weather

Kim's a la cart
They have a few location and have been meanung to try but ther prok belly and fish cake skewers taht we did order was a disadpointment, it was pre-cook and re-heated. The pork belly was so burn :(

I notice they have Camel Burger here but it was too late since we were so stuffed (blogTO just wrote about it here), so we settle to try their Homemade Lemonade but unlike the Lemonade that we are use to, this one have the rind in it (pre marinated?!?) and it was rather bitter.

We didn't order it but this looks extremely fun.

Verdict :
Great cheap and good food here, I'll definetly be back
and will have to try the Camel Burger for sure and more of the Phillipino goodness from Kanto


  1. Oh! so attractive, especially the Crab Roll and the Fish Tacos.....

    1. Love Buster's Seacove food truck, you can follow them on twitter to see where they are :)

  2. You can just enjoy so many different dress in that way and you can also eat foods from different countries, I scan watch many different country flag in this place!