Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Death Valley's Little Brother [Waterloo]

This past Saturday, we venture to St Jacob's Farmers Market (post coming up) and while driving around town after, we notice this coffee shop and decided we need another coffee for our long drive home. The street was rather empty and this is the one spot that's rather packed....

DVLB stands for Death Valley's Little Brother (Twitter: @dvlb_espresso), first impression was nothing special on the outside.  But boy was I wrong once I step in the coffee shop 
(and yeah... not technically just a coffee shop)

They have Espresso, Drip Coffee...

loose leaves tea...

 and tada Whisky

DVLP is a craft espresso & whisky bar and it imeddiately win Ben over.
He ordered the Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky which the barista/bartender recommended and told him not to add water or ice since it will ruin the flavor but instead just add 2-3 drops of water which will help bring out the flavor and aroma. Who knew a few drop of water will make a difference, we both definitely learn something new :)
He loved it so much that it's on our LCBO to buy list now and according to him a deal at $64 a bottle

They have a graph to help you order the Whisky to your taste which was rather thoughtful and cute with all the color code (^_^)

My Cappuccino seems boring in comparison... Love the coffee/espresso itself but didn't like the sprinkle of chocolate powder on top which made it sweet since I don't like sugar/sweet in my latte or cappuccino :( Remind me to ask him not to do that although it looked really pretty.

What I like the most here was the decor ♥♥♥

Took this with Instagram (kiki_bff),
the scene and lighting look so romantic as if it came right out of a movie scene ♥

Verdict :
Love this place, I will defietly be back to Waterloo....
and as I mention on my last post here, will have to go to Nick & Nat's Uptown 21 anyway.

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