Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's go to the Ex !

After my DF overdose last year (see post here), we are back to CNE  (Canadian National Exhibition)(@LetsGoToTheEX) for more but this time around it was just the 2 of us, so we didn't get to try as much :(
I actually won my tickets from a Food Network contest after buying mine which I gifted to a girlfriend to go with her cute baby boy (^_^)

I have always gone to CNE during the day but it was super hot this past Saturday, so we decided to head there at around 5:00pm... i got to enjoy the sun but also got to see how beautiful it is when it's all light up at nigh.

That's the first thing we saw when we enter through the Princess Gate: IÖGO
Have wanted to try their yogurt since it launched.

Love both of them :)

This past weekend, on top of the regular food building, there was also a ribfest and the  
Food Truck Frenzy (moment like this, I wish I have more than one stomach)

 fidel gastro (@fidelgastros) newly open food truck #Priscilla
Viva la revolucion !!! #rebelwithoutakitchen 
By the time we got there, one of the three sandwich was already sold out :(

 Gorgeous George $7
~ peanut butter, pulled pork and bacon jam
 Okay, all my friend know I have a love affair with bread and what better way than in the form of a yummy PB and J sandwich ♥♥♥ Perfect Yummy goodness, I want one right now =P

Have wanted to try since they open but never got the chance (they weren't at NightItUp the day I went and their truck broke down for Craft Beerfest here). When we got there, they weren't even taking order since they were behind and needed to wait another 10 minutes or so before they start taking orders but there were quick after that.

Brisket Po-Boy $10
All I can say is that it was way too salty and the cheddar on top just add more saltiness to it and didn't really pair well with the brisket

We limit ourselves to two items since we still want to try this year CNE specials in The Food Building and it took a lot of will to skip one of my fave foodtruck, Buster's Sea Cove (@bustersseacove) but so happy for their turn-up since they have the longest line
(see my previous post here and here). 
There's also so many new food trucks that I wanted to try as well... Oh well, next time!!

Red Carpet :)

Went to the Midway Stage for a cold refreshing beer before heading to The Food Building.

Food Building
Although it's a very large building with many seats, you can never find seat any time of the day

The first stall we saw: vie raw food
~ hummmmmm no i don't think so, def no healthy food for our CNE day =P

Here's last year big time buzz Epic Burgers & Waffles where you can find the Donut Burger and there's still line up for it... Been there and done it (see last year post here).
We are here to try the new stuff...

Love the menu layout, the wooden and light up sign, especially the pink piggy :)

 Jack'D $12
~ signature pull'd pork layered in between 3 thick red velvet pancakes, butter 
& doused in Jack Daniel infused syrup
I was expecting to love this but it wasn't all that good... the pancake was defiantly not thick, juts your normal pancake thickness and the ration to the pulled pork was not right. Way too much meat compare to the pancake which was already light in the first place... and it was definitely not doused with syrup cause there was barely any and can't taste the JD at all.
Fail !!! Definitely not worth the calories, we didn't even finish it (>_<)

Bacon Nation

Explosion $9.75
~ Bacon Sausage stuffed w/ real bacon bits, infused w/ Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, 
all wrapped in a bacon weave
This was not as disgustingly greasy good as I imagine it to be; it wasn't that greasy or fatty at all.. rather lean an dry given the crispy bacon was just around the edges/circumference :(

Far East Taco

 Bulgogi Kimchi Fries $7.96
The fires wasn't fresh and overall too salty although the Bulgogi itself are really tender and moist.
I just can't pin point it but it nothing compare to my favorite Banh Mi Boys Kimchi Fries

 One Bao + One Taco $8.15
We ordered a Kalbi Bao and Spicy Pork w/ Kimchi Taco which was sort of disappointing as well.
The bao was was too big for the amount of meat whereas the taco shell itself was so try that we just couldn't eat it... both were mostly veggies and barely any meat.

Dutch Frites (@DutchFrites)
Heard some pretty good thing about this but we were way too full by then, so we had to skip.
But love how the make it look like a food truck.

CNE mark the end of Summer each year which ther's not better way... with all the carnival games, show, food....

Deep Fried Butter which was introduced 2 years ago is still a rather popular item but I find it rather blah... it's just a melted mess. Order the DF Mars Bar instead people.

We decided to line up for the Cable Cars which are new this year at $5pp and we agree that's the most well spend $$ of the day and well worth the line-up. 
Just look at the pictures we took and you'll understand (^_^)

Hot Ice Cream Waffle is just a classic that's a must every year =P

 Look at the thick block of ice cream and the waffles are made fresh constantly ♥


We spend the rest of the night at the Midway Stage with another beer each where the Destroyer was playing. They just look and sound exactly like the real KISS ;)

Verdict :
Was a bit disappointed with the new "it" vendor this year or maybe I order the wrong item?!
But we still had a lot of fun with the concert and the romantic cable car ride
If you haven't been at night, I highly recommend it since it's just so beautiful ♥
My suggestion would be to try my last year favorites if you haven't already (see post here)


  1. i love your photo of the merry-go-round!! :D

  2. Really enjoyed the post! I think this year's crazy hyped-up items are not as good as last years too

    1. Thanks :)
      I know, good thing there was food trucks :D

  3. I don't quite understand the meaning of CNE, the pics what are showing seem not quite concern Canadian National Exhibition, but it really make people crazy.

  4. Great post Vickie and I totally agree that the food was not fantastic this year at all! So much overhyped stuff! But CNE was still fun nonetheless :)

    1. I know, love the night view especially :D