Thursday, August 16, 2012

Craft Beerfest

After the Epic Toronto Beerfest (post here) 2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited back to the Craft Beer Festival at Roundhouse Park this past weekend. This is a much smaller scale beer festival in comparison but it has a much more manageble and a more intimate crowd since not as much people know about it.

No admission fees needed, all you need is to purchase their glass and be able to get in on both days. Tokens at $1 each are needed for the beer Sampling; $1 for half glass (the vendors are normally more than generous and you usually get more then 3/4 cup) and $2 for full glass.

Come Rain or Shine, it shows you how Toronto love beer (^_^)
There was only a light drizzle when we got there at around 2pm which it quickly stopped and the place quickly pack up 

Always a favorite of Ben's

Tried all 3 and our fave was the Russian Stout :)  

I think this is best on really hot days, too bad it was wet and cold that day

As I've mention before, this is probably my fave craft beer especially when their slogan is
"Normal is Weird"

Tried their special casks : Tangerine to Grape & Peach Roundhouse which was both so sweet and fruity, a perfect girly drink :)

Wish they had their Lemon Tea Beer which is my fave :(

I got the Ambre de le Chaudiere which was a amber color with the yeast flavor still intact and a slight fruity aroma whereas Ben got the Cobblestone Stout which had a malty and a hint of toasted nutty flavor plus a chocolate finish

 It's my second time have the Green Tea Ale which was rather light at 4.3% and you can easily taste the very distinct green tea flavor

Out of the 5 scheduled food trucks, only Rome 'n Chariot and Dobro Jesti came when I went on Saturday and I have never tried either of them

Ben decided to try the Schnitzel Sandwich from Dobro Jesti @ $9, I thought it was a bit bland and didn't really go with the 9 grain ciabatta bun it was served on and it took them forever to make it as well :(

I was so disappointed that they didn't serve their Green Apple Pilsner Ice Cream float which I'm totally in love ♥ with since I first tried it at beerfest a few years ago and I have been tracking this beer from all the LCBO since then to make the float at home. It's also became the most requested thing at gatherings with my girlfriends (^_^)

Wanted to go on the Steam Whistle tour after but look at the lineup by all the Jays fans after the game, so we gave up :(

Although this was much smaller than the actual Toronto Beerfest a few weeks ago but it was a more relax atmosphere and I find it less overwhelming and hurried. So it was great to chill with friends, see Justine (@foodigatorJ) post here which I got a candid shot :)

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