Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All-Stars in the Vineyard @ Rosewood Winery

Went to the All-Stars in the Vineyard at Rosewood Estate Winery (@Rosewoodwine) this past Sunday where we got to stroll, savor food prepared by four all-star chefs and sip Rosewood award winning/unreleased wine. This was the first time the winery features 4 chefs at the same time and at a non-sit down dinner. The event was at $85pp with wine pairing and $50 without which is a rather good deal.

The 4 featured chefs / restaurants are Ortolan (@0RT0LAN), Torito Tapas Bar (@ToritoTapas), Nick & Nat's Uptown 21 (@NNUptown21) and Top Chef Canada Season 2 winner Carl Heinrich (@ChefHeinrich) yet to be open restaurant Richmond Station (@richmondstn).

Since we were a few minutes late, a small crowd already started to form at the first station (closer to the main building), the staff suggested that we start at the furthest station.

The winery was so picturesque that you can't help but to relax and given the weather can't be better.

 Chef Carl Heinrich (@ChefHeinrich), I am such a big fan of Top Chef Canada that I was known for staying home just to watch it... can't wait for it to open :)

Cream Louisa with Preserved Local Cherries
Paired with 2010 Natalie's Sussreserve Riesling ($15)
This was the fist wine I tasted and my favorite, so so that I bought 3 bottles home since it quite a deal at $15/ea given that it won Silver at the Decanter World Wine Award (^_^)
Instead of milk or cream, yogurt was use for this panna cotta and we both love it and wanted to get 2nds. I really like how they started with this instead of the croquette or else it will overpower it; this was such a refreshing start.

Wild Boar Coquettes with Sour Cherry Relish
Paired with 2009 Pinot Noir Reserve ($40)
Although I am usually not a huge Pinot Noir fan which is light to medium bodied (I usually like more full body wine) this Gold Canadian Wine Award winner was really fragrant and pairs really well with the coquettes.

After tasting Chef Nick Benninger's creation, we were both determine to make at visit to Waterloo

Love how they had different table setting at each station :)

Sauerkraut Pork Goodies with Apples & Crispy Chips
Paired with 2011 Gewurztraminer $20
I was rather surprise at how they paired this dish with a sweeter white wine but it really work and the apple slaw helps to tided it all together. Even the pork crackling on top was very good, crispy and airy but a lot of people just threw it away knowing what it was :(
This was my fave dish of the day, the sausage was perfect with the variety of textures and perfect pair with the sauerkraut and apples... even the chips was really good

Def deserve a close up of the inside :)

Walnut Breaded Zucchini, Blue Cheese Aoili, Stewed Tomato & Fresh Herb Salad
Paired with 2010 Cab Franc Barrel '67 (Special Pre-Release $36)
Once again, you would think they will pair this veggie dish with a white but it the other way around once more but it does work very well once again. For me the sauces wasn't that great, even though I love blue cheese, it's a bit overpowering over the sweet moist fried zucchini since the batter gave it enough contrasting flavor and texture already.

Chef Luis Valenzuela (@chef_valenzuela)

 Heirloom Tomato Tostada with Serrano Ham
Paired with 2008 Riesling Reserve $20

 Summer Seasonal Vegetable Paella
Paired with 2010 Merlot $22
The paella was very flavorful but it was cold which totally ruined it and even Ben didn't want to finish his :(   Whereas the Merlot was probably my fave red of the night, although  I have to say their white are a lot better :)

Peaches with Homemade Ricotta
Paired with 2011 Semillon (Special Pre-Release $18)
 Nothings special except the great Ontario Peaches and Rosewood own Honey. 
And the semillon just paired especially well with the ricotta and peaches

 Seafood Medley Escabeche
Paired with 2011 Mead Noir ($25)
 This is my first time ever trying Mead aka honey wine and this one was fermented with Pinot Noir Juice sweetened with Rosewood's own honey. It wasn't as sweet as I expected and it was quite warm with lush after taste. Can't say as much for the fish, it was sort of had an overcooked texture that I really didn't like and the skin was almost too tough

 Grilled Lamb Spiedini
Paired with 2010 Cabernet Franc (Special Pre-Release $22)

Cheese paired with Mead Royale $18

If you have been following me on twitter (@kiki_BFF) or Instagram (kiki_bff) you may have seen those pics already but thought I should share these 3 here since I really like them (^_^)
The scenery was so picturesque that we sat at each station for quite a while, love to cloud watch 

This was well worth the hour drive and just can't say enough how much I enjoy it especially being able to stroll around the vineyard and enjoy great food + wine  ♥

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