Monday, August 27, 2012

Goody's Diner

I wanted to try Goody's Diner (Twitter: @GoodysDiner) forever but their hours are just not very convenient being only open on weekdays til 7pm but this year, they extended are open on Saturday as well..... so a few Saturday ago, we finally made our way there since we were craving for some greasy food after a night of drinking (hangover) =P

It's located among warehouses and you can easily miss it if you don't look carefully since it really doesn't look like a restaurant on the outside.

Daily specials available and although on a late Saturday afternoon, the place was mostly pack
(can't imagine what it's like on the weekdays)

Their Specialty Burger

Regular Menu

Farmer John $14.00 w/ Sweet Potato Fries
~ cheddar, havarti, potato cakes, strip bacon, a sunny side up egg, onion rings
and French toast the inside of their sesame bun
This was epic and I resisted the urge to use fork and knife but go all in messy with my hands.
Many people did ask me how I manage to eat it after tweeting and Instagram-ing it... what I did is hold it firmly and try to squeeze it a bit flatter and took one bit of the top half and another of the bottom half then chew so I get a bit of everything (^_^)
The patties here are made well done but it wasn't dry at all, definitely a greasy goodness that we were looking for that day and anything just taste better top with an egg but the running yolk did add to the mess (not a pretty sight) =P
I normally don't eat that much fries and intended to save room for the burger but it was so crispy (some sort of batter) and moist in the inside that we end up eating most of our fries (O_o)"

Highway Man w/ Fries $14
~ cheddar, Swiss, a sunny side up egg, jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, triple stacked onion rings stuffed w/ pastrami
Ben ordered this which look just as epic and after tasting both, I like mine better since there was way too much pastrami here and I felt there's way too much meet.

Almost as big as our heads =P

Took this with Instagram (kiki_bff) which came out so pretty :)

Verdict :
I don't think I can handle this very often or I'll get a heart attack =P
We definitely had a food coma after this but we'll be back

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  1. The burgers at Goody's are really tasty. I got the Highway Man as well and finished it too!

    1. I know, I was stuffed the whole day =P

  2. How can you eat so a big ...............