Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cherry on Top

 Got this dress a few years ago and am still in love with it, it look equally good with tights and a jacket on cooler days (^_^)

why was I pouting because the lemonade was really bitter

 Got this Vintage wicker basket/bag many many years ago for $15 at Kensington Market and I'm talking about university days which is many many years agao =P It's really not bit inconvenient (no strap) as a day time bag for me but I still try to use it at least once a year during the summer (^_^)

see the ella's uncle post here


  1. Nice bag hehe
    Going to try to avoid wherever you got that lemonade from

    1. lol, it's not all that bad, I just didn't ask him for extra sugar... sort of like sour but just a bit too bitter since they included teh rind

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  3. I have a different feeling form yours pics and where are you from? China?