Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bulgogi Brothers

Bulgogi Brothers (Twitter: @BulgogiBrosCa & Facebook: BulgogiBrothersCanada) is a recently open franchise Korean Restaurant and I finally made it for a late Sunday lunch. Finally a good Korean Restaurant open up in Richmond Hill and I work only a few minutes away, just can't believe I haven't been earlier.

The space is very spacious and very clean compare to most of the other Korean Restaurant in Toronto, with a brightly lit dinning room and they even have a private room for bigger groups...
Plus they have a very large bar area, which remind me that I must come back to try some Korean cocktail.

The menu is pretty simple here focusing mainly on Korean BBQ with a few appetizers, rice and noodle dishes to choose from.

I find their Lunch BBQ special starting at $16.99 to $18.99 quite reasonable given the portion are rather large, plus it also include salad, soup and choice of  cold noodle (naengmyun) 
or soybean paste (gandaenjang).
And the good thing about Bulgogi Brothers is, each person can choose their own type of meat whereas most other Korean BBQ resto in Toronto, you need minimum of 2 order per meat per table.

Love how they label their tea and list it's benefits :)

Steam Veggies
Saw Justine (foodigatorj) 's post here and they had the corn which look so much prettier :(

Monday, July 30, 2012

Beerfest 2012

Haven't been to Toronto's Festival of Beer (Twitter: @TOBeerFestival & Facebook: TOBeerFestival) since it moved to Exhibition Place and this year I was lucky enough to get media passes which allow us to choose to go any given date (Friday 27th-Sunday 29th) and we went on Saturday which tickets was sold out weeks ahead. The pass also gave us access to the Media Lounge where we got 2 complimentary sampling tickets each and food are served throughout the day with free WIFI access.

It's nice to have access to the Media Lounge where we could grab a seat and get out of the huge crowd out there

I have also included some Instagram (follow me at kiki_BFF) pictures that I tweeted throughout that day (^_^)

 Nice beer mug, I still remember a few years ago where the sampling cup was plastic =P

Friday, July 27, 2012

Chou Izakaya

Chou Izakaya is the newly open Japanese bar open at Church St and Wellesley Ave, it's nice to have somewhere else to go to apart from Guu with all it's lineup and Fin Izakaya (post here). So just this past Wednesday, I met up with Amy (@lu_amy7), Chris (@chrisunagi), Claire (@Clairehohoho) and Ben so that we could order more dishes to try and not break our bank ;)

Love how it's a smaller place with commual table on one side and smaller table on the other. 
I know that a lot of people find Guu Izakaya too loud although I personally love it, so this is a good alternative for Japanese bar food since you still get the feel and slight shouting from the kitchen to the wait staff but you could actually chat and hear each other.

Specials on the wall but the handwritting wasn't that great and we had trouble reading it :(

They actually didn't hand us the Sake menu until I ask and they actually don't carry all of the bottles that was on display.... 
but their sake was really well priced (a lot cheaper that other Jap restaurant I've been to)

Nanbu Bijin (Southern Beauty) Junmai Ginjo Sake $56
 This 720ml bottle was only for $56 where most other place would have easily sold it for $90 or more and they small carafe is also available for $11. Yes as I mention here, this is one of my fave sake :) And the others don't really drink so me and Ben finish the whole thing =P

Date Night ♥

I treat Ben to a Tasting Menu Dinner at George last weekend since his Birthday was coming up... in fact it's today 

Happy Birthday !!!!

I have to say he's the best thing that happened to me, I Love You ♥
PS : Please take a look at my last year's post here where I posted his video (^_^)

Outfit Details: 
   Dress - UO; Shoe (sale) - Zara; Clutch - H&M

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cafe Belong

As you may have notice from here, here and here that I am a big fan of Evergreen Brick Works and have attended a lot of events there but it was only a few weeks ago that finally try Cafe Belong that's located there. One of those places that I pass by millions times and love the decor and never got the chance to try until now.

It's really pretty at night when you look into the restaurant though their huge window all along the s with the bare wood beam/brick counter/bar/kitchen

It was empty inside that day since everyone opted for the patio (^_^)

♥ so true

Monday, July 23, 2012

Starfish (Summerlicious 2012)

I recently just posted about our Oyster fest here at  Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill (@StarfishOyster)and I decided to go back for their much Summerlicious (@LiciousTO) Lunch since it's only $20 which was a super deal and although of the service hiccup, I've already decided to go back for Winterlicious.

ShuckerPaddy's (aka Patrick @ShuckerPaddy) L'il Seafood Tower
~ Oyster, Clam (n/a), Shrimp, Mussel, crab
We both order the same appetizers and the below should two serving together.
Everything was fresh and yummy, even the horseradish are freshly grated (^_^) ♥

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parts & Labour (Summerlicious 2012)

This year, I decided to not go to as much Summerlicious  (@LiciousTO)  since last year have been quite a dissadpointment for me. But Grace (@foodinthecityTO) suggeted we should go to at least one together with Mary (@citrusblack), so I am up for it and they choosed Parts & Labour (@partsnlabour) which I didn't even know participated in licious. Since it have always been on my to-eat list, I was excited.

I was almost an hour late dure to traffic (aka Queen & Spadina closure) but good thing they were not that pack that day and we all still got our table.
I have to say I love the place with the lighting and teh commual tables.

Open Kitchen at the back, you can see Chef Matty Matheson (@mattydeathbro) at work here 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Got this Aztec panel dress on sale from ASOS which is one of my fave online store since free shipping on all order (^_^)
It was slightly a bit too big for a strapless dress but hopefully it'll shrink a tiny bit in the dryer =P

Outfit Details: 
   Dress - ASOS; Bag - Little Burgundy; Shoe (old) - Aldo; Sunglasses (old) - Prada

noka (tasting)

I was invited by Ken (@inyourmouthTO) to a tasting dinner at Noka among other bloggers to the newly open Japanese Restaurant on Bloor called Noka (@nokatoronto).
But unlike most Japanese restaurant on Bloor, Noka is not AYCE but rather a la carte at a very affordable price and they also offer omakase option.

Housemade Sauces including salad dressing, terriyaki sauce & soy sauce as gift :)

Free Beer Sampling : Augusta Ale by Kensington Brewing Company (@drinkgoodbeer) which is one of my new favorite local beer and is now available at LCBO

A demonstration of how their salad dressing is made 

Monday, July 16, 2012


Remember the same dress from here last year?!?
Yes, I don't wear my outfit once.... even for $10 sales dress.
I added a neon necklace from H&M to update the dress and love the contrasting color (^_^)

Accessories are one of the easiest way to update an outfit ♥

Outfit Details: 
Dress (sale rack for $10 from last year) & Necklace -H&M; Clutch - ASOS

Paulette's Original Donuts & Chicken

After the BBQ goodness from Leslieville Pump here, we manage to go next door to the newly open Paulette's Original Donuts & Chicken  (@paulettesorig). It was the first opening weekend and I already expected a line up since there's been a lot of buzz since the day it opened. 

 Love the cute uniform (^_^) ♥
But be prepare that there's only a few stool by the window with no table/bar whatsoever.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leslieville Pumps

Finally manage to make my way to Leslieville Pump (@LPumps) after hearing so much good thing about this and this is one of my favorite neighbourhood after all (^_^)

Once the eyesore of an old gas station has now revamp to a Wild West storefront using all reclaimed wood.