Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium - #AKS Finale [EVENT]

The Finale of Abbey`s Kitchen Stadium #AKS took place at The Delicious Food Show October 27th and of course I can't miss it after attending the three previous epic battles here, here & here. It's for to same great cause which is to raise money for My food My Way (MFMW)(@MyFoodMyWay) and what a successful series of event, all thanks to the gorgeous Abbey (@AbbeysKitchen)

Secret Ingredient : 
Samuel Adam Beer (@SamuelAdamsBeer) Boston Lager & Latitude 48 IPA

The 6 Judges :
Leslie Roberts (@lrobertsglobal) ~ Global TV
Christine Cushing (@ccfearless) ~ Opera Network
Susur Lee (@susurlee) ~ Celebrity Chef & MFMW ambassador
John Chiles (@JayChiles) ~ Toronto Argonauts
Deanna Kaminskyj ~ Sam Adam Marketing Executive

~ Chef Bruce Wood

15 Hour Latitude 48 Braised Boar Shoulder, Boston Lager Chowder, Hand Dug Clams
This was probably the worst looking dish but I guarantee it taste a lot better. It was super moist and flavorful.

Boston Brown Bread, Boston Lager Ice Cream, Latitude 48 Soaked Raisin
This was probably my fave dish of the day where you can fully taste the beer flavor, love the ice cream which had such a strong beer flavor and together with the beer soaked raisin... yummmm, heavenly. Definitely my kind of dessert (^_^)

~ Chef Matt Basile

Beer-Talla Bacon Jam French Toast Sandwiches
My fave bacon jam in Toronto, this was perfectly indulgent and just the way I like it.

Polenta Grilled Cheese with Braised Short Rib & Lager Smoked Ketchup

  Acadia (@AcadiaToronto)
Sam Adams Lager Oyster Po'Boy, Cucumber, Carrot & Cilantro Slaw
This was so good that I almost wanted to order a second if I weren't so full already. The oysters are fried on the spot, slightly undercooked and served piping hot 
Sam Adams IPA Ice Cream with Apple Terrine & Rye Crumbs
 Love the apple terrine but found the ice cream a tad too sweet and I can barely taste any of the beer flavor.
Hey Meatball (@TeamHeyMeatball)
~ Chef Rodney Bowers

Cod Stew
Chili Mac and Cheese
I was disappointed that both dishes was very bland since I love his dishes so much during battle 3 here and given that Chef Rodney Bowers' dishes are usually so flavorful.

Rosewood Estate (@Rosewoodwine)
Any can't go without good wine with all the good food. I was rather disappointed at the limited wine offering at The Delicious Food Show, so you can imagine how happy I am to see the familiar face of Krystina with 3 offerings.

 And the winner of#AKS finale is Dustin Gallagher, a well deserve win with 2 amazing dishes.

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  1. Good Wine is always a good partner of good food...................