Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey Meatball [Leslieville]

I have never actually made it to Hey Meatball (@TeamHeyMeatball) but after having their Meatball Donair at #AKS here, I decided that I need to make it on of my priority and they just happen to open up a new location at Leslieville recently.
This is what I call a posh fast food/takeout place where you order and pay at the counter with some communal tables.

 And to no surprise, Chef Rodney Bower's menu revolve around meatballs.

 Since this was a really late lunch for us and we had an early dinner coming up, we only ordered the sandwich and a side to share.

The Rodfather $12
This is their signature sandwich where you get to choose between beef, chicken, pork and vegan meatballs. We went ahead with the beef but would love to try the pork as well next time.
There's 4 plump meatballs smothered in house made tomato sauce & a garlicky pesto on a toasted Ciabatta. Let's just say everything was perfect here from the meatball, to the Ciabatta which was perfectly crisp for this messy saucy goodness.

 Side of Mac & Cheese $7

Love the pickled peppers & especially the green chili hot sauce.

 Verdict :
Love it and will definitely be back for more especially the sandwich.
Would def have to try their pork meatball as well next time.
The place is rather small with an open kitchen, so be prepare to smell like meatball on your way out.... if not, just get takeout.
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  1. I like your blog. You are great at giving me insight into places I'd like to eat at. Please get better at editing your posts."..Chef Rodney Bower's menu REVOLT around meatballs." I don't mean to be the grammar police but after each potentially great post is riddled with mistakes I had to point out at least one. Critique can make you better.

    1. Good to hear that my blog give you inspiration on where to eat (^_^)
      Thanks, I do def need to work on the spelling and typos