Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hotel Sofitel [Montreal]

Over this pass weekend, I was lucky enough to be on a press trip for TASTE MTL (post here) and Tourisme Montreal (@montreal) couldn't have chosen a better hotel for us.  
Hotel Sofitel (@SofitelMontreal) was amazing, located on the Golden Mile right in the heart of the city perfect for both business travelers and art lovers alike since it's basically away from the Museum of Fine Arts. For the foodie in me, love how it's surrounded by all the different types of restaurants.

Love the black pumpkin decor they have up for fall, love the height of the bare branches with the chandelier in the lobby, that the first thing you see when you go in. 

We each had our own room and I was totally surprise at the size of the room with the incredible luxurious feathertop and duvet sleep system... so comfy that I could have stayed in bed the whole day.

And did I mention that they make sure the room is tidy up before your return in the afternoon plus you'll find the decorative duvet pulled back and soft music playing when you come back at night.
They probably noticed how much empty water bottles in my room, the 2nd night they left 3 bottles for me.

 Even the bathroom was rather large with both shower and bathtub.
Lower the light and light a candle, I can spend eternity in here.

And we all each welcome with a personal not and this amazing cheese plater with a bottle of Maple Syrup with was the theme of this year's TASTE MTL

 Breakfask in the hotel's restaurant Renoir 
~ L’Américain $29
We actually got complimentary breakfast but I have to say that this is rather pricey for what it is although it was perfectly made.

 Sunday Buffet Brunch $49
In comparison to the breakfast, this was a deal with such an amazing buffet spread including oysters, smoked salmon, fish, tons of different pastries, charcuterie, cheese, roast beef, assortment of desserts and made to order omelets and waffles.... oh and did I mention the bottomless french press coffee.

of course I had to get 2nds and 3rd plate of oysters ;)

 The waffles are so so so good, perfectly warm fluffy and buttery goodness.

Verdict :
Wish they had a location in closer to home (Toronto or Niagara?!) and it would be a perfect staycation. Would love to spend a relaxing day just in the hotel or even only in the room.
The staff was very professional, helpful and extremely friendly.

See my re-cap of my TasteMTL post here
 *** This stay was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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