Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hudson Kitchen

After all the buzz during TIFF with all the A-list customers at this yet to be open restaurant name Hudson Kitchen (@hudsonkitchen), I felt like I should try it as soon as possible. I tried to made reservation that fit my schedule several time but end up making a Friday reservation 3 weeks in advance. Helm by Chef Robbie Hojilla former sous-chef of Woodlot and chef-de-cuisine at Ursa, I am confident that this would be a great meal.

Love the space as soon as I walk in the place with the semi circular bar, the overly packed bar shelves, the exposed brick wall and all the different size frames w/food reference taking up the entire focal wall.

The Miller $18.50
~ Mezcl, Tromba Blanco Tequila, Green Charteuse, Creme de Cacao, Sherry, House Made Dram
This was very strong and that basically explain the price tag. Love it but this is a cocktail that's better enjoy on it's own cause the flavors here are so strong that it compete with most food.

The New Black $13
~ Sailor Jerry's Spice Rum, Seabuckthorn Liqueur, Dead Elephant IPA, Aperol, Spiced Syrup, Lemon Juice
This is probably the best beer cocktail I ever had, I never really like the ones I had before. This was very light and refreshing, perfect to go with our meal if you ever decided to just have one cocktail for the night, that should be it. Ben wants to try to duplicate this at home in the near future.

House made Bread w/ Carrot Butter & Charred Eggplant Spread $4
This is one of the place that you feel paying for bread (brioche in this case) is all worth it, love the contrast of sweet carrot butter and the slightly bitter charred eggplant spread.

The Chef's play on Chips n Dip for amuse bouche

 Broccoli Salad, Serrano Ham, Manchego, Mustard $13
This was the "must try" dish everyone was talking about, I just had to try it for myself and it did indeed live up to it's expectation. Love the perfectly cook broccoli along a few crispy charred ones together with the savory ham, shavings of manchego and even better with the tartness from the mustard.

 Seared Pork Terrine, Celery, Lettuce, Chili, Egg Yolk, Lime Vinaigrette $14
Who would have thought that just by searing the terrine can bring out all the flavors and also add that extra layer layer of texture & flavor. Love it ! While I usually would crave for toast or bread with my terrine but this was perfect on it's own with just the salad on top and also love the pop of heat from the red chili.

Seared Pork Loin, Cider Glazed Belly, onions, Parsnip $27
Love the cider glazed here, the slight tart/sour flavor made it so different from what we are use to and it sort of lighten up the otherwise heavy fatty pork belly if that's even possible. Usually not a huge fan of park loin but this was perfectly cook with nice pink center, this was tender and moist which goes perfectly with the yummy parsnip mash.

 Veal Pot Au Feu with Brisket, Tongue, Broth, Root Vegetables $27
This was the perfect rich warm comfy dish for cold days like these. Both the brisket and the tongue was perfectly cook, perfectly seasoned; just incredibly tender and moist. Even all the veggies was so packed with flavors and I can't help but have a bit of the intense broth with each bite. 
The plate was lick clean!!!

 Beetroot & Chocolate Cake, Hibiscus $10
Love this, especially the beet ice cream and the dark chocolate which was so dense and intense.

 Pear, Gingerbread & Caramel $10
This was complimentary from the chef and I'm sure he can read my mind cause I had wanted to order this but let Ben choose instead. I am so spoil (^_^) I usually love poached pears but I find this to be overly spiced and even more so with the gingerbread. Not sure if it's the pear itself or because of it's poaching process but the fruit lack sweetness to it.

Verdict :
Would love to come back already and it's a lot coming from someone who wants to try new restaurant all the time and try not to return to the ones that I have already been.
Love everything here; the food, the drinks & even the decor.
I am especially impress with our waitress who knew the answer to all my questions from the cocktails, wine to every single dish.

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