Friday, August 22, 2014

Beerfest 2014 [Event]

Another fun year at the Toronto's Festival of Beer (@TOBeerFestival), it has always been one of the most anticipated event in Toronto with Tickets selling out way in advance. Once again I have only been able to make it on Sunday, the last day of the 3 day event but somehow I like it that way with a smaller crowd and not as party-crazy / hardcore as the 2 previous day.

With the additional mini Spring Session back in April (see post here), I was excited what this year's event will bring with Beer Store being the new sponsor. See my post from previous year here & here

Once again, we were lucky enough to be provided with Media passes which allow us to VIP entry (aka no lining up to get in) and access to the Media Lounge where we got to chill with others with complimentary beer and my current snack obsession, Neal Brother's Sirachup Chips (see post here).
No ugly paper wristband this year, we got a cool computer chip version.

A very crisp and light cider from South Africa and meant to be enjoy with a slice of lemon.
Scarecrow by Wychwood Brewing
We aboviously got attracted to it because of the cute label but is was just a watery bitter 

Their WalterMelon was probably one of my favorite of the day, it was super refreshing with the perfect amount of watermelon flavor.
Raspberry is the newest flavor but unfortunately I wasn't a fan while I enjoy the original crisp refreshing flavor. Thought this was a little bit medicinal tasting but I got to admit I got this mainly because it looked so pretty in pink.


First time having their Dark Ale, love the deep brown red color but there's not much foam for a dark ale. It has a very nice chocolate caramel malty flavor,

A light pale ale from Thailand, perfect with spicy food. Don't you love the uniforms, here we have the staff and brewery crew mostly wearing the brand's t-shirts but in Asia they always have those cute "beer uniforms".
 They were only launched last year and love the beer and art collaboration idea with all the different pretty labels.

Had everything before  except the Cause & Effect Blonde, so we had to give it a try. It was refreshing with a very modest bitter flavor. And as a yearly tradition and also mainly because I love it, before leaving I had to get my Green Apple Beer Float.

 I have to admit that I enjoy the sweet Hard Ice Tea, it was refreshing and a palette cleanser after all the beer tasting.
Love how the vendors came up with all the fun games each year, don't you just love the giant jenga and beer pong.

Loving the colorful beer trailer.
Isn't their mobile brewery the coolest, you'll see tons of people hanging out there at any event. I have never ben a huge fan of their beer before but their Hop Series are really amazing.
Flying Monkey (@Flyingmonkeys)
 As usual with 3-4 booths, they are the only brewery with that much choices with alternating special brews. It's also one of the most popular vendor in the local/craft section with all their fun flavors.

Being a big fan and a regular, I was kinda disappointed since there was barely any meat, no crack, salty and over-sauced. Need to go back to the shop!

Bulgogi Sushi Pogo
This was as tasty as it looks, this was perfect beer food especially with extra hot sauce please.
Ok, anything fried is perfect beer food ;)

Beef N' Beer ~ Great Lake Brewery Beer braised mince beef with onion and homemade veal stock
Had this a few times already but felt like this was appropriate for Beerfest ;)

Don't you just love the patio like space.

Thanks once again to Brand and Buzzing (@brandandbuzz) for the Media Passes and kudos to the amazing Media Laounge. Had so much fun once again and can't wait for next year already.

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