Monday, August 11, 2014

Hudson Kitchen [American - Brunch]

Went back to Hudson Kitchen (@hudsonkitchen) for Brunch this past Saturday for a girlfriend's Birthday (see my last post here). With their patio opened, it's a really nice place for brunch but unfortunately since we were a large group we had to sit inside.

Compare to dinner time, the place is not as packed and busy as you would expect. I also thought the atmosphere gives out a totally different vibe from day to night.

Bloody Jose $7
Basically a Caesar with tequila and a splash of red wine; had a bacon version here that I really like so I thought I would try this one. Love it, just the perfect spiciness and subtle flavors without any strong alcohol flavors hitting you.

Buttermilk Pancakes, Bananas, Chocolate, Bourbon Syrup $12
It was delicious but really nothing special about this. Just a really made pancake.

Caramelized Torrija, Lemon Curd, Wild Blueberry Compote $12
I actually didn't knew what Torrija was and had to googled it... It's actually a Spanish French Toast! This was amazing, love the crispy outside with the super custardy interior and the lemon curd just gave it that extra zing.

Cider Glazed Chorizo, Roasted Potatoes, Slow Poached Egg, Braised Apple $13
I actually didn't try this one but it does look amazing, just look at that egg.

Eggs Benny, Corned Veal Brisket, Hollandaise, Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing $13
Love all the hollandaise sauce ozzing down, it just look so good. I usually avoid ordering egg benny although I love them since it's usually rather boring but love the sour of the sauerkraut here that cut down the richness of the egg yolk and the rich hollandaise sauce

Fried Chicken Adobo, Milk Bun, Iceberg Lettuce, Cassava Chips $14
This was delicious with a big slice of perfectly moist fried chicken and the soft yummy milk bun. There was nothing else apart from the sauce and lettuce on it but it was perfect just as it is, love the simplicity. And did I mention how goof the milk bun was?! lol!
Dark Green Salad, Walnut Brittle, Champagne Vinaigrette $4 (side)
Love lovc love this salad, the crunch and sweetness from the brittle plus the pop of juices from the pomegranate was so perfect.

Duck Fat Roasted Potatoes, "Fine Herbs", Preserved Lemon $4 (side)
This side felt sort after the amazing salad, there was really nothing much about this.

Verdict :
Unlike our waitress for our dinner here, service was friendly but quite a mess. All our orders got mixed up and things was missing here and there.
Love everything I tried but thought that the dishes are not as "special" / inventive as dinner time
Their dinner menu have change since we last been, so I would love to come back for dinner.

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