Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Taste of Toronto [Event]

Two weeks ago from July 24th to 27th, the Taste Festival finally arrive to Toronto. Happening in 21 other cities worldwide and considered the world's greatest restaurant festival, we finally get our very own Taste of Toronto (@tasteoftoronto).

Held at the historic Fort York, over 50,000 dishes were served to more than 19,000 food lovers and bought out 17 of the city's most notable buzz-worthy chefs.

Can't help but love the white tents with the beautiful green backdrop with the restaurant and vendors putting in their own personal touches.

The admission price was rather high at $30pp in advance and $39 at the door but it meant a less crowded space with no line ups. I went to the Saturday afternoon session and I didn't had to line up for any of my dishes. The currency of the events were called "crowns" where you load to a festival card and scanned for easy payment at each booth. The dishes at each booth costing 6, 8 or 10 crowns (1 crown = $1) There's no refund but love how all the unused crowns on the cards goes to  

Barque Rack O'Bama: Baby Back Ribs
~ (rubbed, smoked, basted,basted...) served w/ a potato, corn, candied smoked bacon salad and pickled vegetable

Smoked duck tacos 
~ w/ pickled radish, carrots, crispy fried chicken skin, and hoisin BBQ sauce on a flour tortilla

~ blowtorched and pressed sushi w/ shrimp, makarel, salmon
 Being our fave sushi place, we just have to had this although we had them many many times.

Octopus, pork, corn, black garlic
This was probably my favorite dish of the day with perfectly good octopus and crispy melt in your mouth fatty pork belly. Love the black garlic with the taste of the sweet corn, everything was perfect.

Rose and Sons BLT
~ w/ Dr Pepper bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, feta and herb mayo
 It was so flavourful melt in your mouth goodness, just look at the perfectly golder crust.

One's Fried Chicken
~ w/ Buttermilk Biscuit, housemade slaw, chipotle BBQ Sauce
 Heard so many people raving about this the first night, so we just have to have it but it was such a disappointment. It was obviously already fried for a while to avoid line up, so the crust wasn't crunchy and the meat was rather dry and flavorless. The biscuit was so dry and just look at the dry up cheddar on top. This was the only dish that we didn't finish (>_<)

Seafood Paella
~ Bacalao, Mussels, Shrimp, Bay Scallops, Fish, Peas, Crispy Serrano
We didn\t actually had that but it delicious

Coconut Tapioca Pearls
~ passion fruit, lime, pineapple
Love the tart passion fruit foam on top with the creamy coconut tapioca with the tropical freshness of the pineapple. We had our doubts in getting this but it was perfect way to end our day.

Apart from the restaurants participation, there was also a lot of other drink and food vendors on site.
I love ice pops during summer and never miss a chance when I see it. Had their pops a few time and love that it's made with fresh fruits and herbs without added sugar or preservative.

Free Nespresso (@Nespresso) for everyone, that's probably one of the only line up.

Just had to stop by for one of their awesome cocktail which never disappoint.

Love the cute little trailer.

Free samples...

Just couldn't resist my fave juice house, had to buy a few bottles home.

The most crowded booth was definitely this one with free cheese tasting. Love this Guernsey Girl grilling cheese, don't mistake it as a cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich. This cheese was meant to be grilles on it own, without grilling it tasted extremely bland and squeaky. But frying it (no oil needed) gave it a golden color, crispy with soft inside, It hold it shape, no oozing. Although not much flavors, I love it's texture so just add some condiments to it... I ate mine with a fig mustard.

Juiced fresh, there was a little bit of wait but it was all worth it.

We decided to skip all alcohol since we were heading to a party afterwards and then beerfest the next day, if not I would definitely get a 100th Meridian which is my current fave from Mill St.

With free sampling and 3 for $10, what a deal since these usually retail for over $6.

 There was free cooking classes and wine tasting classes that you can sign up for but with the limited space, it was all full.

Love the Metro lounge but they were charging for the lemon infused water, really?!

A very enjoyable experience.
Love how they have so many tables around so that no one needed to fumble
(especially me w/ my phone n camera trying to take pictures)

*** Cost of admission was complimentary as a media member. Opinions are my own***

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