Monday, August 18, 2014

Tab Payments [Copacabana]

Tab (@tabpayments) is the brand new mobile payments app for dining, with it you'll never have to wait for your bill ever again.

I bet everyone have been there, after a lengthy dinner or meal, you felt tire and just want to leave but your server was nowhere to be found. With a lot of restaurants being understaffed, this comes in very handy. It's a free app that's available on iPhone and Android, so just download it and set up an account. All you need to do is enter your name and credit card information plus a picture of yourself so that your server can recognize you.

Use my promo code TABCHEUNGB1F to get $10 off your first meal (^_^)

 Plus they already have an amazing selection of restaurants on board, including Portland Variety, Playa Cabana Hacienda, The Chase, Hudson Kitchen, The Happy Hooker just to name a few...
(see the complete list here)

Pay with Tab in three easy steps :
1) Check in - Create or Join a Tab
2) Tell Your Server - "I'm paying with Tab"
3) Enjoy Your Meal - Tab takes care of the rest

No more waiting for the bill and then the credit card machine anymore, just leave whenever you want. The app also include bill splitting feature and the name + picture of your server on your tab.

Yesterday, I was ask to try it firsthand at Copacabana and it went so smoothly. We simply check in, told our server and just leave when we were ready after enjoying our meal. I would wish to see the amount of  my bill before leaving the restaurant but a copy of the receipt was emailed to me as soon as we step out of the restaurant.

Love the Fresh Cornbread and the fried banana

Not much meat selection but everything was very well cooked, love how they ask how we like our meat beforehand since we do prefer rare steak/beef.


Service was amazing here; food kept coming, our water was filled up so often and when we said no, they will ask if we wanted everything.

Currently they are doing a promotion called Leave your Wallet at Home Wednesday where you get $20 off your Tab meal and 20% off your Uber ride at the featured restaurant of the week (see all the details here). Next Wed Aug 20th would be Spin and the following week Wed Aug 27th would be at Café Bar Pasta; you won't want to miss this amazing deal/promo.

Use my promo code TABCHEUNGB1F to get $10 off your first meal (^_^)

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