Friday, August 15, 2014

The Good Son [International]

You know I am a big fan of Top Chef Canada and last season I have been rooting for Chef Vittorio Colacitti but unfortunately he didn't win. But lucky for us. he opened up The Good Son (@thegoodson_TO)

Chef Colacitti previous resume includes some pretty well known places like Lucien, George and Didier, if he learn anything form those places I am sure this will be an amazing meal.

Love the gorgeous space with all the dishes and coocoo clocks hanging on the wall. Love how it's divided into different area with the leather wingback chair by the front and more industrial metal highchair to the 18 seats harvest table at the back near the kitchen. Love that the table are very well spaced out, no bumping into each other.

Jerk Shrimp $13
~ Crispy Potato, Green Mango, Fresh Peanut
This just look so pretty, perfectly crispy potato shell and a yummy perfectly cook shrimp against a sweet juicy mango salad. It was so good even without the fiery jerk aioli but that completed the dish.

Wild Mushroom Pizza $16
~ Taleggio, Pesto
Made in a wood burning pizza oven, the crust was light, crispy and pretty sturdy (no soggy crust here) but the dough didn't have much flavor to it if you know what I mean. Not sure if it was pesto, the pizza felt rather oily and my slice didn't really have any mushroom on it.

 Sarsaparilla Side Ribs (Half) $17
~ Sunchokes, Scallions
Love the sweet root beer flavor of the Sarsaparilla sauce with the fall off the bone tender ribs.

 Steak Tartare $19
~ Soft-Boiled Quail Egg, Grilled Bread
No idea why this came last, heard everyone raving about this so we just had to try it. It was delicious, love the chucky pieces with the spicy mustard. Wish the egg was a tad more runny so we get more yolk to mix up with the tartare.

 Cherry Tart $11
This took over 30mins to arrive but I did love it with a super thin crust and under sweeten cherry which allow you to taste all the natural flavors. It tasted like it was made fresh and arrived hot which explain the long wait.

When you enter the restaurant, you will pass by the storefront "Pantry" where you get to but some nostalgic items including Chef Vittorio's father's cold pressed Olive Oil.
This also double as a pizza takeaway counter.

Verdict :
Love the space here and we really enjoyed our food, will definitely be back.
The night we went, they were a bit understaff with our waitress taking forever to come by.
The space got rather loud at the end of our dinner when the space was packed.

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