Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Detour Coffee [Dundas]

We recently made a mini day trip to Hamilton and decided to drop by Detour Coffee (@detourcoffee) for a quick coffee but since they were still serving lunch, why not.

The streets was rather empty and this cafe is probably the most people I have seen on that long weekend Sunday early afternoon. Love the small cozy café feel of the space with the blackboards and vintage pastry display etc. They only have drinks menu displayed but they do serve lunch and dinner. It's a pretty small space but they do have a big patio outside.

Needed my daily dose of coffee, this was not only the perfect foam art but also a delicious cappuccino. Since they provide custom espresso roast for Dark Horse Espresso Bar (@darkhorsecafe) in Toronto, I knew I will like their coffee.

Butter Tart
Love how the filling oozes out when you bit into it, so good and isn't the random pastry shell cute, look like a flower.

Nickel Brook Brewing x Detour Coffee Pale Ale $5.95
A single-hop pale ale was combined with freshly brewed BufCafe Rwwandan coffee for this amazing bottle. Unlike stout where you usually get a very strong coffee flavor, this was very subtle combine with tropical fruitiness flavor. Slightly sweet and bitter at the same time, what a refreshing beer for coffee addict like us.

Mac & Cheese $9.95
~ Shallot and thyme infused three-cheese cream sauce, wilted spinach, topped w/crispy breadcrumbs
Was a tad disappointed that it didn't come out bubbling hot out of the over with a layer of the breadcrumbs on top but it was more delicious that it actually look. Although not extremely creamy, the cheese was very flavorful which was lighter and perfect for lunch.

Detour Brisket Burger $13.95
~ all beef burger w/ aged cheddar, onion jam, oven roasted tomato, horseradish mayo & arugula on an olive bun served with house-made fries

There's a 20 minutes wait for this burger since the patty is ground and made fresh. Sounds like a lot of things going on here but love all the flavors here and it work so well that definitely nothing should be opted out. The bun was also perfect, not too soft or hard and yet have been able to  holds up all those yummy ingredients without falling apart (hate soggy buns than falls apart).

Would love to come back anytime, maybe when we come back for some more trail walking.

Maybe try their brunch menu next time, heard their hash is really goof.
And by the way no Starbucks in sight, so I will be back for more coffee when I'm in the area.

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