Monday, September 29, 2014

Wei's Kitchen 阿緯廚房 [Markham - Chinese]

 As usual we try to stay uptown during the weekend and this week we had no special cravings, so we random picked a place to try. We decided to head to a noodle place in First Markham Place but when we passed by Wei's Kitchen 阿緯廚房, we change our mind since this place was packed.

It's a rather small space with no décor, fans around to keep you cool and menus on the wall. Probably the worst looking place in First Markham Place.

 5 Flavor Duck with Rice 招牌五味鴨飯 $6.99
This was the first item on their Lunch Specials menu and I didn't even look further and decided I had to try this. Although the sauce look rather thick, it was delicious with sweet and sour flavors. The duck was perfectly cook, tender, moist and very flavorful even without the sauce.

Spare Ribs with Rice Rolls 者排骨腸粉煲 $7.99
When it first came, there was no ribs in sight... so we told our waiter and it quickly came back out with ribs on top but I'll have to said it was an afterthought to top it with pre-cooked ribs which was a disappointment since it didn't have any of the "hot pot" flavor. On the other hand the rice roll was delicious with the thinly slice onions and ginger.

 Both dishes we ordered was Lunch Specials and it came with Soup and Coffee/Tea.
We got the Iced Lemon Tea and it was sweet (although we ask for less sugar) and watery (no bitter black tea taste like what a good HK version should taste like).

Would love to come back for dinner so that we can order more dishes to try
Would especially love to try their Steam Minced Pork "Cake"
Warning thou, apart from their Lunch Special menu they didn't have English in their main menu.

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