Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Taro's Fish [Japanese]

Taro's Fish use to be in J Town back in the days and is now on Sheppard and Leslie right across Canadian Tire. They use to do mainly take out when they first open but are now doing sit down lunch as well. On top of the take out menu, there's also a bunch of per-packed sushi and sashimi available to choose from.

We have been here many time for take out and never thought of writing a post, what better occasion than when we went this past Saturday for a sit down lunch.

Ebi (Shrimp) $4each
Saw a bucket of these live shrimp by their counter, so we just had to order them. They were selling them by the pound and we got four which end up being $3-4 each. When I bit into it, I was scared for a sec since the shrimp was still moving (can't get fresher than that).

Scallops Sashimi $8
This was a pre-packed one from their fridge and the 5 huge scallops was less than $8. When we bought that to the cashier to pay with the rest of our order, they took it and kindly plate it and scalloped it for us. This is definitely one of the best deal ever, so big and fresh.

Chirashi $13.50
~ Tuna, Salmon, White Fish, Octopus, Shrimp, Egg & Chef's Choice
It's not the best looking Chirashi (sashimi rice bowl) that we've had but it's a really great deal for the freshness and perfectly seasoned rice.

Sushi Deluxe $25
~ 6pcs rolls & 8pcs nigiri

Verdict :
We have been many time and I am sure we'll be back many more.
Although it's on the expensive side for a "non-restaurant" setting, the quality and freshness is all worth it. Definitely get what you pay for.
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