Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jung Soo Nae [Korean]

We were actually heading to another Korean restaurant for lunch this past Sunday and it was not open, so we decided to give Jung Soo Nae a try since I've heard they have raw crab. Not many restaurant have this dish so I was excited to try it since it crab season.

 Jung Soo Nae is apart from any other restaurants and it located at the floor of an old tiny apartment building that stood kinda apart from everything else. Nothing fancy but a very comfortable space with all the dark brown benches and tables.

All of their side dishes was really good (^_^)

GanJang GeJang $14.99
~ Raw Crab marinated in JungSooNae's special unique soy sauce
The crab was fresh which is very important when eating anything raw and it wasn't overly salty like many other places. This dish is basically meant to be on the salty side and you are suppose to eat it with rice. The soy was slightly sweet which was very good and it was definitely marinated for the right amount of time... nothing fishy or weird tasting.

DoenJang JjiGae $8.99
~ Soy Bean stew w/ tofu & vegetable
We both love this, it was not overly salty like most places for soy bean stew. Although we ordered it extra spicy, we can still clearly taste the yummy soy bean taste. There was not much ingredients in it and I was wishing there was a little something more... maybe bigger pieces of tofu?!

Moogeunji JjiGae $9.99
~ Kimchi (fermented for more than a year) stew with tofu & pork
 Love this, slightly more sour/vinegary taste with the old kimchi. Definitely a lot more flavorful than your regular kimchi stew. Haven't seen that in any other Korean places, so will be back for this.

Love all 3 dishes and will be back for more
Would love to try their table cooking as well, there's a crab stew and an octopus one that I would like to try.

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