Thursday, October 2, 2014

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival 2014 [EVENT]

This will be the 3rd year Steam Whistle Brewing (@SteamWhistle) will be hosting The Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival (see post from previous year here, here & Winter one here)
I am a bit behind on this post since this happened back on Aug 9th but I guess better late than never. It was a busy weekend, I only got to drop by for a short period of time after attending a friend's Birthday Brunch (which mean I didn't get to try the food at the festival)
I'll have to say that it's bigger and better with bigger space and more vendors which mean more choices and shorter line ups.

Would love to try the Double Dead Elephant but it wasn't released yet, so tried the Honey Bee'Lixir instead. It was a amber color, a heavier beer than I had expected. It has a sweet burnt sugary taste with malty taste and a little bit of bitterness to balance it out.

Tried the Travesty which was a special brew for the event, collaborating with Steam Whistle own brewer Erica McOustra (@konafone). This was Ben's favorite of the day and her even went back for seconds but unfortunately it was sold out. It has a floral bourbon scent to it with a  sweet smokey caramel flavor to it.

Wish they had their WalterMelon that we had back at Beerfest but unfortunately not, so we try the Limp Puppet instead. It was a very easy drinking Session IPA with citrus and fresh hoppy nose.

They didn't have any new brew so we decided to skip but see my post here when I visited the brewery

They always has the friendliest crew ever *Smile (^_^)

Their Chocolate Milk Stout have always been one of my favorites but it was a tad hot for it that day, so we tried the Shangri-La IPA and Farmers Market Rhubarb Saison instead. We loved both of them but the Farmers Market Rhubarb Saison was by far my fave beer of the day, love the tart rhubarb flavor which was so refreshing ♥♥♥
Ben liked the Cause & Effect Blonde after trying in at Beerfest (post here) that he had to had it again, which has a refreshing modest bitter flavor. And as usual I just had to get my Green Apple Beer Float since it was a perfect hot summer day after all.

The most popular booth as usual, by the time we got there the line was so long that we gave up since there wasn't any "special" brew that we haven't try before.

A lot more foodtrucks and food vendors this year, too bad I already ate before heading to the event.

And of course amazing bands playing all day long

P.S - The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival is returning Jan 31st 2015 (details here)

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***Once again thanks to Steam Whistle (@SteamWhistle) for providing passes for both me and my reader (contest post here) Opinions are my own***

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