Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Linda Modern Thai [Thai - Brunch]

Linda Modern Thai (@LindaModernThai) have stared serving their Brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday since Oct 4th and I was excited to try it. Classic brunch dishes with Thai twist?! Sounds good!

 Sangria $9
~ pineapple juice, brandy, merlot

Thai Milk Tea $4

Eggs "Benedict" Thai-Style $15
~ smoked duck breast w/ Panang Curry on a butter brioche
As you may already know, I am not a huge fan of the boring Egg Benedict type of brunch and tend to like brunch with a twist. This was perfect, I got my favorite Panang Curry sauce instead of the boring Hollandaise sauce. All the eggs used are fresh farm eggs and you definitely can taste the difference although mine was a tad overcooked (no runny yolks here). Instead of the usual rice with curry, the buttery brioche bun was just as perfect with the curry.

Egg "Florentine" Thai-Style $13
~ spinach w/ Golden Curry on a butter brioche
I personally have always prefer their Penang curry over their Golden curry, so I am bias on this one but on the other hand, both eggs were perfectly cook with runny yolk here. And without meat and the side of sausage didn't arrive yet, I though it was kind of lacking flavors with the spinach not  doing much to the sauce.

Side of Thai Sausage $4
This was a chicken lemon grass sausage and although we ordered the spicy version, it wasn't the tiniest bit spicy apart from the slight peppery taste. We later learn from Chef Li that it was to accommodate to Canadian taste since the authentic Thai sausage is a rather acquired taste. And coming up, they will have more Thai-inspired sausages feature on the menu.

All brunch items come with:
choice of Thai congee, homefries or mango salad
choice of pathongko (Thai dough fritter) or white or brown toast
sangkaya (Thai coconut egg custard spread)
Thai congee is pretty similar to the Chinese version except for the side of spicy fish sauce while the peanuts and pickled mustard green are pretty standards Chinese congee accompaniment.
Both the pathongko (Thai version of the Chinese dough fritter) and Sangkaya have both been tested many times before coming up with this final version. The fritter or toast are meant to be dip into the sangkaya which I find rather sweet and as the Chinese that I am, I prefer dipping my fritter in my congee much better. But having been to Thailand many times, I have actually never try Sangkaya before, so it was great to learn one more thing about Thai cuisine.

Love this Thai Brunch, would definitely love to come back to try the Roti Gulay (Thai Banana Roti)
With Brunch option being spare up/mid-town, this is a great option.

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*** This meal was complimentary. Opinions are my own***

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