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é by José Andrés [Las Vegas]

é by José Andrés (@chefjoseandres) is located inside Jaleo, one of his restaurant inside The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Reservation is only available by email only and become available 3 months in advance with 2 seatings each night (5:30pm & 8:30pm) from Wednesday through Sunday with only 8 spot per seating. I was lucky enough to grab a reservation for our first night in Vegas for their first seating at 5:30pm only a bit more than a month in advance given that it was the only night that we could fit into our schedule.

This is a rather exclusive and intimate experience for $195 per person excluding beverage , tax and tips. Wine pairing is at extra cost with 2 selections, one at over $350pp but with 21 course happening in a rather quick succession, I was glad that we didn't order the wine pairing.

Love how the team of 3 chefs crafts the progressive menu in front of you, they definitely put up quite a show. With 3 chefs and 2 wait staff serving just the 8 of us, I can't help but feel real special.

And as we were told, the room design was kind of José André brain with his memories and inspirations through the years.

 The final steps of each dishes are put together and plated right in front on us; that's definitely the kind of show every foodie would love to see. The plates that each dishes was served in were also specially made by hand from Europe which you won't see anywhere else.

 As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by the model of José Andrés hand holding a hot towel with herbs and lavender wrapped inside.

éDible Sangria 2014
Yummmmmm, love this cold sangria mousse which was the perfect start to this amazing meal

Contton Candy 2.0
Not in a million year would i thought of eating a cotton candy dumpling filled with foie gras but it somehow works perfectly together.

Love the play of words here and as a beet fan, I love this light and airy beet wafer here with the creamy manchego cheese.

Coca de Recapte

Their take of ham and cheese sandwich remind me of Chinese meat pastry but an elevated version.

Oyster & Oyster
The Oysters was smoked right before it's served and way to put up a show, the presentation itself was enough to score full points in my opinion.
A delicate and tender oyster perched on top of a crispy chicken skin topped with a thyme foam

Pescado en "Adobo"

El Vermut
Raw mussels slightly pickled topped w/ a savory foam

Cava Snagria
Just like the popping boboas in bubble tea or frozen yogurts that I love so much, this one is a bigger version filled with Sangria. Love the burst of the refreshing sparkling white sangria, such a perfect palate cleanser before moving to the "main course"

"Fabes" Con Jamon
Extremely delicate, these white beans are puréed and made the same way as the sangria above. Seeing them plating this at a rather rapid speed in front of us, I never would have imagine how delicate and fragile it was since I broke it as soon as I try scooping it with my spoon. Their version of ham and beans was as major hit, love the bits of ham around that gave the whole dish a pop of flavor and texture while the consommé itself was packed with ton of flavors as well.

"Kokotxas" Al Pil-Pil
I had my fair share of pork jowl but this is the first time I have ever heard of cod jowl and it was so delicious with the creamy + squid ink sauce. The cod jowl has a much denser/tougher texture than your regular cod filet, it basically have a totally different texture than any fish I had

Mar Y Montaña

Mushroom en Papillote
This was probably the only dish of the night that we didn't like, it was nothing special apart from the cute presentation but also because it was incredibly salty.


Torta Pascualete w/ Cotton Candy
This is an extremely fun interesting take on a cheese course with a liquid nitrogen goat cheese and topped with a extremely thin cotton candy wafer and edible flowers. As you break into the cotton candy into the cheese soup, it starts to dissolve and it was an amazing combination of textures

Créma Catalana Egg
A Spanish crème brulée topped with an actual egg yolk topped with puffed rice.

After Eight Timbal
Mint chocolate anyone?! Love the thin chocolate shell that breaks up and liquid minty chocolate starts pouring out.

Ferrero Rocher


More Things

 Everyone got to write in the guest book that José Andrés himself will read when he visit

The golden ticket, it was supposed to be mailed to us but I made my reservation a bit late so it was given to us at the end of dinner.

No picky eater here and you'll have to keep an open mind about everything since most dishes is probably like nothing you have try before (I am saying this because one of the girl from the other group didn't eat any kind of cheese and many more things, she end up not eating more than half of her meal which is a waste since it's frankly a rather expensive meal)
Love all the one of a kind dish, it was such a memorable meal.
Worth every penny and would love to experience again if I got the chance.

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