Thursday, November 13, 2014

China Poblano [Las Vegas]

As per my Stella (@foodieyu), China Poblano have the best siu-mai ever. Chinese and Mexican but mind you, it's "not fusion but two cuisines living side by side as an amusing mix of elements from both traditions together in one space"

I was rather skeptical at first but after our dinner at é (post here) the first night, we were both willing to try anything by José Andrés. It's located in The Cosmopolitan right next to Jaloe and é, two of his other restaurants. Our schedule was pretty packed, so we were only able to drop by for a quick snack especially to try that "famous siu mai".

Chinese side with the huge dim sum steamer in the middle.

Mexican Side

Carnitas Taco $5.50
~ braised baby pig, pork rinds, spicy salsa verde cruda
Good especially the crunch from the pork rinds but nothing special and definitely not worth the price tag for this tiny portion.

Silencio Taco $5.50
~ duck tongue, fresh lychee
Love this combination of the soy tongue and the sweet burst of lychee

Lucky 6  $13.88
~ traditional / scallops / beef siu mai
Totally expected something different than my everyday siu mai but this was good, really good. Especially love the traditional which have shrimp, pork, jicama, mushrooms and peanuts in it.

Make sure to stop by just to try their siu mai

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