Monday, November 3, 2014

The Boiling Crab [Las Vegas]

Currently The Boiling Crab (@BoilingCrabLV) has 15 location and Las Vegas have one of them. I have seen my friends facebook post about this place and have been wanting to try them out since then.

This was our first stop for our girls' day/night out and this just happened to be the bride-to-be must eat list. We head there for lunch to fuel up our outlet shopping afterwards. This was off the strip so we had to taxi over (around $12 from The Cosmo).

Oysters $9 for 6

I really have no idea whatsoever why it's served in plastic bags. 
You basically choose the seafood (usually per pound and mostly at Market Price), then the sauce (Rajun Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Sauce & The Whole Sha-Bang!) and then finally the level of spiciness (non-spicy, mild, med and XXX)

***We order 1 Lb each of below***

Shrimp $11.99 + Corn $0.75/pc
We ordered this in Mild Rajun Cajun sauce and it was my fave sauce, wish I ordered the rice to soaked up all the sauce. Wish the other girls like spicy since would have love to try the XXX but we ordered everything mild.

Clams $10 
 We ordered he Garlic Sauce and it was super garlicky... we all had garlic breath afterwards

Crawfish $7.99
They only had frozen crawfish that day and we ordered it with The Whole Sha-Bang! sauce. How come the frozen one is even than the fresh one here in Toronto. I personally am not a big fan of crawfish but it was definitely worth a try and it was delicious with the sauce.

 So cute!!!

Cajun Hot Wings $7.00 for 10pcs
This was surprisingly good, pipping hot with a flavorful dry rub... the rub was amazing, totoally wish they sell them.

Yes, everyone get a plastic bib and trust me you need that with all that sauce.
Love eating with my hands, no pretending here. They actually don't even give you cutlery.

What a great deal, us 5 girls was pretty full. 
Wish I had time to bring Ben back, he would have love it.

Love it and what a great deal for all these seafood.
And do yourself a favor, order that bowl of rice to soak up that sauce.
The Original Rajun Cajun sauce is da best, love love love it

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