Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Stop's Farmers' Market at Wychwood Barns

Love farmers' market but I do not go often enough since I can only make it on the weekends, I tend not to wake up early enough. This is my first time to The Stop's Farmers' Market at Wychwood Barns (@TheStopCFC).

Unlike most Farmers' Market which usually close Fall and winter, this one runs year round every Saturday from 8am to 12pm since they move indoors during the colder months. The Market support local agriculture by encouraging farmers to grow as sustainably as possible and many of they are certified organic.
Love the space and love all the veggies that you see being grown around the place.

Nothing beats getting fresh fruits & veggies

I swear fresh organic veggies do taste better and sweeter, I know it's a bit more expensive than what you get at the supermarket but since it's so fresh, you do not have to throw out any part of it... and just for the taste and freshness, it's all worth it.

I always tend to buy cheese and bread at Farmer's Market for a no-cook dinner on the weekend... all I need is a bottle of wine which is now also available starting this year. Love seeing some of my fave local wineries at the market (no need for LCBO stop)

We tend to eat our breakfast and lunch at the market, so the food selections are very important to us and The Stop's definitely meet our expectation.
One of the highlight of this visit was MOMOS Tibetan dumplings, nothing beats steaming hot dumplings on a cold day. $5 for 3 huge dumplings, can't ask for more. 

Cute mini Onigiri for $2 with wild/brown rice choices and even some in cute animal shape
Ume Pickled Onigiri

Fresh brewed Kurtis Coffee (@kurtiscoffee) at only $1.50 a cut with free refills.

The Stop's Market Café
Open during the same hours as the Farmers' Market and serves healthy soup, sandwiches, pizza and desserts.

They even have their own pizza oven...

It's defiantly mini in size but can't beat the fresh ingredients, mostly grown here

Vegetable soup & Grilled Cheese which came with their homemade ketchup and it's probably the yummiest ketchup I ever have.

Kiddies Park at the front, so parents can hang back and relax for a bit

Love it, will be back on a regular basic for sure (^_^)

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