Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tempered Room [Bakery / Pâtisserie]

Have always been big fan of Bertrand Alépée aka The Tempered Chef (@TheTemperedChef) and until now, I've only been able to taste his creation during events or special pop-up dinners (like here and here). So I was super excited when he opened up The Tempered Room (@thetemperedroom) about 2 months ago and we finally found time to drop by this pass weekend.

Alépée and his pasty chef Tyler Lang did most of the wood work of the space and what a great job.
Love the expose un-finish brick walls and the simple wood display cases which was perfect backdrop for all the sweet creations. There a large communal table at the front and small side tables that can be pop on and off the wall's railing.

Beverages wise Sam James Coffee, tea and bottled Vams Kombucha are available. While most things are make in house, the breads are from The Drake, Blackbird Baking Co and Thuet.

Somehow I find other cities have a lot of Eclairs choice, it's rather lacking in Toronto and I was so glad that they emphasize them here,

I basically wanted to try everything but we just had lunch, so I guess we'll have to come back on an empty stomach (^_<)

Passion Chocolate  Eclair $3.50
Love the flavor of the pastry here and I am usually not a fan of éclair at most places because I find the icing/coating way too sweet but the one here was so perfect.
Need to try the other flavors next time!

PB & J Choux $2.50
Love the peanut butter crust here which give it an extra crunch to the pillowy jam filled choux pastry.

 Pomme Caramal Salé $5.75
♥♥♥ Need I say more?! Pretty and Perfect!!! A salted caramel mousse cake with homemade crabapple jelly, sesame caramel ganache. Would never hove though sesame with this dessert but it totally elevated the whole cake to another level of amazingness.

Croissant $2.50
After eating the 3pcs above, I can't help but crave for the croissants... but it was sold out, noooooo! But we were kindly told that another batch is coming out in 20 minutes and let's just say, it was all worth the wait. Having worked in Paris with Michelin starred chefs like Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse, Alépée's partry is the real thing.

Love love everything we had, will definitely be back for more
We also bought a Jalapeno Cornbread home and it was still moist and delicious the next day
Would love to try their flan and bread next time
And rumors has it that there's plan of hosting future pop up dinner of The Group of Seven Chefs in this space.

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  1. I'm not entirely sure what a Croux is but I'm sure I want to eat it.

    1. You mean Choux? It's like a cream puffs but you can fill it with things like jam, chocolate etc instead of cream..