Friday, November 21, 2014

Essen [Jewish - Brunch]

Have been a big fan of Quinta (see post here), even had my Birthday dinner there last year; so I was pretty bump when i heard they are closing. But no worries, the owner Chef Leor Zimerman replaced it with Essen (@essen_toronto) which serves Jewish fare with a Middle Eastern twist.

Essen in German means "to eat" and Chef Zimerman intent on drawing inspiration from personal family history. Here they try to promote family style dinner and can't wait to try it out.

We decided to head over for Brunch since we never get the chance for Quinta, we had high hope since it's the same owner/chef. The space didn't change at all except for the sign up front, I personally love the spaciousness here (hate those chair bumping chair at most restaurant these days).

Jewish Banh Mi $12
~chopped chicken liver, fried beef salami, grainy mustard, pickled carrots, red onion
Love the fried salami but wish there was more of the chopped liver which I could barely taste it on top of the strong mustard and pickled taste. The homefries was crispy delicious.

Brisket Hash $14
~ peppers, potatoes, onions, fresh chillies, herbs, poached eggs
This was perfect for brunch where I still get the runny poached eggs, potato combo plus some meaty goodness.

Gribenes $3
Who needs bacon when there's fried chicken skin ♥♥♥

Smoked Salmon $6
Smoked in house, love the fresh not salty taste.

Verdict :
Would love to try their Shak Shuka next time which is only served on weekends.
And would love to gather some friends and try their family style menu next time

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