Monday, March 30, 2015

Fonda Lola [#MexicanFiesta]

Have been a fan of Andres Marquez (@andres_tequila) and Howard Dubrovsky (previously L.A.B post here), so I have no idea why I haven't been to Fonda Lola (@fondalola) sooner for a real meal that is since I was here for the media launch.

Oh yes maybe because it's so difficult to get a reservation, this time I made plans with friends and made the reservation a month in advance.
The 4 of us decided to go with the Mexican Fiesta which is a taste of the whole menu for $150.
(we got a deal on Travelzoo for $99)
CocoLoco Margarita $14
~ Citrus Margarita base with coconut water & lime kefir
Andre's recommendation for this "kinda healthy" cocktail with the hydrating coconut water and the turmeric added (^_<) It has all the component of a cocktail that I like, perfectly refreshing and tart while I wait for my friends.

Cesar $12
~ V8 juice, aguachile, aged tequila with candied bacon
It was my friend's drink, being a big Cesar fan this was too thick for my taste and I bet it's because of the V8 use instead of the Clamato. But OMG, the salt/chili rim and the bacon was so good.

And the fiesta start with a plate of that perfect Candied Jalapeno Bacon, total my type of candy #obsessed

Smoked Cuba Libre $12
~ Smoked Coke, aged rum and lime
Smoked to order, it came smoking and not only does it look amazing when pour at the table, it was really delicious and you can actually taste the smokey flavor.

Clericot $12
~ aka Kombucha sangria. Beet Vodka, cherry kombucha & soda
My first cocktail was so good that I had to order a second one, I was totally curious as to what beet vodka would taste like and this was sweet and with barely any alcohol flavor, I know a lot of ladies who would love this.


Panela Popper
~ Chipotle marinated cheese coated in cornmeal
Who wouldn't love deep fried cheese?! Similar to paneer, this was slightly chewy which was perfect with he sauce and pairs perfectly with their cocktail (or a shot of tequila or two).

Mexican Kale Salad
~ mixed greens, kale, chayote, jicama, carrots, cucumber and beets in a citrus agave dressing

Trout Aguachile
~ a more piquant version of ceviche with vegs
Thought it was slightly too tart which overpower the fish but the vegs does help balance it out with the chips.

~ Fresh Corn tortilla, poblano pepper, shallot and cheese
This was so flaky good and I didn't even miss the meat in it.

Kale Tofu Taco
~ crispy cornmeal tofu, avocado chile mayo, pickled onion
We were a bit sad to see another meatless dish but I promise that you won't miss it here. The tofu was crispy perfect with the pickled onions and love the softer kale instead of the taco shell with the cornmeal crust. What a great vegetarian option apart from the usual salad.

This was so delicious, probably the more traditional dish on the menu. Love the simplicity of it, the simple flavor of the braised tender juicy pork.

Fish Taco
~ warm tortillas, battered sustainable white fish, lettuce, slaw with jalapeno tequila crema
Love the big piece of perfectly cook flaky fish with the thin batter. Love how everything is separate and you make your own so that you can add more or less of everything to your liking.

Carne Asada Skillet
~ Flank steak, ancient raw mole, tortillas
The sauce was amazing, only wish there was more of it
Arroz con frijol
~ White rice w/ veg and beans, Mexican flava
This was delicious with a great rice and bean ratio.

Chocolate Churros & Spicy Salty Candied Bacon Chocolate
Make sure to save room for dessert, these churros (no hole centered, solid) are rolled in cinnamon sugar and served on top of the cajeta (caramel tasting sauce). The chocolate is to die for, everything that I love in one bite. Can you please see these so I can buy a box?!
Mexican Flan
Another yummy dessert, especially love the brittle on top.

A great place to be, especially with a group of friends
Drinks are amazing and generous
The food can't be more delicious and fun
And Andre can't be a better host, thanks a bunch (^_<)
Would be back in a heartbeat and can't wait to come back when their patio opens up
P.S : The place is always packed, so best if you make a reservation way in advance.

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