Monday, March 9, 2015

The Rolling Pin [Bakery]

 Saw so many Instagrams of their pretty doughnuts that I can't wait to go to The Rolling Pin (@TheRollingPinTo).

 Upon entering, you can already notice the retro feel of the space that match their logo, love all the cherry red.

Love the long pastry display at the front.

 Although love all the cute vintage baking tools and the cherry red touches, I find the seating area at the back really bland and definitely lacking in something compare to all the competition out there.

 Tiramisu Doughnut 
w/ it's own espresso injection tubes, fee free to poke it all over the doughnuts. Fun concept but though the doughnut itself was not as moist and springy as it I like it and although it has all the tiramisu flavors, it seems there's something missing?!

 Elvis Doughnut
What's better then peanut butter, bacon, peanuts and banana together; make it over a yummy glazed doughnut. We both like this one a lot better than the previous one since this has so much flavors and texture.

 Apart from doughnuts, they have macaron, cupcakes, bars, pies and cakes. Love all the rustic looking pies and definitely needs to come back to try.

 Love below Instagram I took (follow me here @kiki_bff)

We had an Americano and a Cappuccino but it was rather weak, need improvement on the coffee side.

Hit and miss but will come back and give them another chance.
Definitely not my favorite doughnut place but was good and satisfying enough
Will like to try their good looking pies.

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