Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mata Bar [South American]

I was so bummed that I couldn't make it to the Media event to Mata Bar (@MataBarTO) back in July last year and couldn't find time to go until recently. Largely influence by South American flavors and the concept of shared plates, I was super excited to finally try them.

Love how the change the place by just adding to the basic of the previous Keriwa Café (compare to here) just by changing the color of the bar and light fixtures.

Love the old crates used as the bar shelves, love it with the lighting.

We decided to go ahead with their 8 course tasting menu plus a Caipirinha cocktail at $45pp, but there wasn't a menu for it and the chef will serve you what he felt like (on and off menu).
~ Cachaca, Lime, Simple Syrup, Sugar Cane
We got the classic lime and passion fruit flavors, I usually like anything passion fruit flavor but this was obviously not the real fruit so it was rather sweet and we both prefer the classic lime version a lot better. Also love how it came with an actual piece of sugar cane that you get to chew on.

Cheese Bread (Pao De Queijo)
~ Requejao Cheese Sauce
Love Brazilian cheese bread, I can probably munch on this all day long.
~ Cumari Pepper Aioli

~ Crispy Leeks, Sweet Corn, Taro Chips

House Green Salad
~ Pomegranate, Coalho Cheese, Molasses
Love the freid cheese, the pomegranate and even the dressing but wish there was a little bit less of it since it was a tad too sweet but love the use of molasses here which goes so well with the cheese.

Espumante Coconut Caiparinha $12
~ Cachaca, Egg White, Coconut Water, Simple Syrup, Lime, Muddled Malaguetta Pepper, Toasted Coconut Flakes
This was the only item we added to the tasting menu, this is a fancier version of our first cocktail and love every part of it. Love the texture and flavor from the added toasted coconuts and the spice from the Malaguetta pepper was just the perfect balance.

Tapioca Cubes
Love love love love this, I can much on these everyday. I have a love for grilled/fried rice (like the Yakionigiri here) and this one was even better with it's chewy texture which was almost like a fried mochi.
Beef Pastel
Love the flakiness of the pastry and it was perfect with the hot sauces

Quinoa Risotto
~ Wild Mushrooms, White Truffle Oil
OMG, this is probably the dish that everyone keeps talking about after eating here and it was amazing given that there's not even cream in it. Love the intense mushroom flavors and the creamy "no-cream" goodness. Being a big fan of quinoa and mushroom, I couldn't have ask for more and this dish definitely made my day.

Picanha Sliders
~ Malagueta Aioli, Catupiry Cheese, Caramelized Onion
Thought the beef was slightly too well done for my taste but the aioli, onion and cheese made up for everything. By now, we were really full and was glad that it was a slider so that we have room for dessert,.

Tapioca Crème Caramel
 The Tapioca Creme Caramel was so good with the shredded coconut on top.

Avocado Crème Brulée
While I was excited about the avocado creme brulée, it was a bit weird tasting to me. There was too much lemon in the avocado which didn't really go well with the sweet caramel top crust, but that's really my personal opinion.

Cumari, Bode and Malgueta Hot Sauces
Love the first 2 a lot,spicy goodness that goes with most of their dishes.

Verdict :
Love everything we had and would love to go back to try the rest of the menu, maybe for brunch too.
The decor and service is just as amazing.
If you haven't been, I highly recommend you to try the tasting menu which is an amazing deal

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  1. too bad the cheese bread is not made in house