Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pomegranate [Persian]

Pomegranate was one of our first date night back when we first dated, so Ben decided to surprise me by bringing me there on Valentine Day. Upon entering they told us we got our time wrong and they eventually got us a table but we only had an hour. I was kind of upset but after a while a couple came in with the same problem.

The place look exactly like when we went a few years ago, don't you just like the colorful space with the cute lights and the carpet on the wall.

Mint Tea 
Hot cup of refreshing mint tea to start warm me up

Kashk-e Bademjaan
~ charred eggplant, garlic and walnut dip w/ Persian Whey
A very generous portion, that was more than enough for the two of us. It came warm topped with caramelized onions, crispy onions and yogurt. Rich and yummy.

 Adas Polo
 Love the Saffron rice with the lentil, raisin, cranberries and dates while the lamb shank was fall off the bone good. Love the charred crispy rice on top, both of the side salad was very light refreshing citrus-y which was perfect with the otherwise filling main. 

Aloo Gheysi
With plums and dried apricots, this chicken dish was a rather sweet dish. Not my thing but Ben loved it.

Persian Chai

Tray of Persian Sweets
Zulbia ~ a lacy dough, fried and drizzled with rosewater syrup
Noon-e ~ Nokhodchi bite-sized chickpea powder shortbread
Sohan-e ~ Qom chucks of saffron infused, buttery, cardamon scented wheat brittle with pistachios
If you are not into overly sweet things, I would definitely recommend you skip this. Although I love the flavors of the spices of each of them, it was overly sweet for me so it was a tad difficult for me to enjoy it.

There's even a mini fish pond

Apart from messing up our appointment, they try to make it up with friendly service.
Food was as good as I remember and very generous portion, we had to packed half of the food home.

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