Monday, June 25, 2012

The Black Hoof

I have been a big fan of The Black Hoof (@TheBlackHoof) since it first open but I have never found time to go back until recently and I actually have never blog about it (>_<)
The Black Hoof have been able to keep it's popularity since it first open and with the no reservation policy, I would recommend to go early in order to avoid long wait since it's a pretty small space :)

 That small corner by the bar is their kitchen; and it's pretty impressive how they use only  a standard electric 4 burner household range and been able to throw out all these yummy dishes.

In the middle is the head chef, Brandon Olsen (@King_of_Ginger)

Simple menu with a group of 4 or more, you could probably order everything from the menu.
Too bad the 2 of us was still a bit full from our late lunch, so we didn't order much :(

 Moulin Rouge $14
~ gin, lillet rouge & blanc, blood orange, orange bitters

Bread $2
~ Thuet bread are always so good

 House Cured Meats $19
Wish they had a mix platter of cured meats and terrines (used to have it) since it's impossible for the 2 of us to order both and be able to order anything else (>_<)
It's quite a large portion for the $19 compare to other restaurants but was a good as I remember them.

Spicy Horse Tartare $16
I was so disappointed that they don't have the Raw Horse Sammy anymore which which was layers and layers of thinly slice raw horse meat pile high with a raw egg and hot sauce on top (just thinking of it made me drool) The smaller amount here although good, it just doesn't compare :(
And I find there was a bit too much of the caper hollandaise which is a bit overpowering.

Smoked Sweetbread $16

Tongue on Brioche $14
This have been on their menu since day one and I have never tried it since I use to order the Raw Horse one all the time instead =P I finally got to try it and sadly it wasn't what I expected... We found it overly salty that I can't really enjoy it :(
Maybe just that night and my luck?!?

I made my way back to The Black Hoof was mainly because of this =P

 Foie & Nutella $25
A slice of foie gras place on top of a banana bread on top a generous amount of Nutella, rosemary hazelnuts. This was the perfect sweet and savory combination and not sure if it should be call dessert of not =P Personally I find the Nutella a tad too sweet so I just have less of it with my foie (^_^)

Verdict :
I find that it's not as good as before overall but it was still pretty delish
I am willing to come back and probably will give the tongue another try (>_<)

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  1. I still have not gone yet, must do it soon.

    1. Yes, it is a must try... my next to eat is Hoof Raw Bar next door :)