Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lamesa Pilipino Kitchen

Pass by Lamesa Filipino Kitchen (@LamesaTO) a couple of time and have been meaning to give it a try since it's not everyday that you'll find such a pretty Filipino Restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto. 
"Chef Rudy Boquila has taken traditional homestyle Filipino food and elevated it using fresh locally grown ingredients as well as new and classical techniques. The flavors remain authentic but the presentation is more contemporary."

It's a pretty narrow and small space, we went on a Friday night and it was packed but good thing we had reservation. I really not too familiar with Philippines cuisine, so not sure what each dish should have taste like and if it's authentic or not (>_<)? So I'm just commenting base on my personal taste....

San Miguel Beer from Philippines

They have a fairly simple menu, 3 choice of apps, 3 main and 2 desserts that can be ordered a la carte.... or you can choose their Tasting Menu $35 which we did, it's basically a prix fixe where you choose 1 from each section plus a Chef's amuse bouche and a pre-dessert. Oh and don't forget the AYCE steam rice (^_^)
Chef's Amuse
~ Coconut Corn Soup w/ Doubled Smoked Bacon
The corn is the dominant flavor here instead of the coconut which can be overpowering, it was sweet and refreshing with a pop of saltiness from the smoky bacon.

Halo Halo Sisig
~ Chicken, pork and beef with garlic, chillies, onions, Filipino style pico de gallo topped w/ fried egg
Love the bright and colorful presentation but frankly I can't really taste all the different meat but together with the egg, it's perfect with rice

Duck Pancit
~ Duck Confit, mung bean noodles, beans, carrots, cabbage
There was only a few pieces of duck on top which was rather dry and the bowl is mostly fill with the transparent noodles (like the Korean ones that you'll get as a side dish).

Beef Short Rib Kaldereta
~ Braised beef, roasted red peppers, fingerling potatoes, olive tapenade and a pineapple carrot puree
Before this arrives at the table, we heard the next table asking for a knife and the waitress explaining to him that it's suppose to be so fall off the bone soft that you'll not need a knife... but when ours came, it was very tender but a knife is definitely needs. The short ribs was very flavorful, juicy and tender... just need to have each bite of it with the with the puree and the olive tapenade and it's perfect. This dish is definitely perfect with steam rice, lol that's so Chinese of me  (^_^)

Crispy Pork Belly Adobo
~ Confit Pork belly with soy, vinegar and bay leaf w/ a black garlic puree
This is very close to the Chinese Roast Pig (siew yuk) with the extra super crispy skin, except that the meat here was thinner. With the fat melting in between, it's just the perfect combination of texture together with the perfect black garlic puree.

Chef's Pre-dessert
~keylime pie made with Calamensi instead of lime
Calamensi looks just like a lime but it a lot smaller (Filipinos call it a poor men's lime) and it's not as sour/tart as a regular lime. The pastry here was served hot and was super flaky.

Jackfruit Creme Brulee
~Jackfruit, lime leaf and carnation
Love love love jackfruit but have never been able to get fresh ones in Toronto.
You can smell the jackfruit as soon as it arrives and I was surprise how it pack so much jackfruit flavor.... Just ♥ it but wish it was just a slightly bigger portion.... this is $8 if you order on it's own but it was less than 1/2 of the already small ramekin.

Turon Empanada with Carnation Anglaise
~ Plantain filled house made pastry w/ carnation milk
The pastry was very flaky yummy and I was expecting the carnation creme Anglaise would be sweet but was surprise how subtle the sweetness was

Verdict :
Except for the appetizers (which was still good), everything was beyond my expectation.
I will definitely be back and hope that the Jackfruit Creme Brulee is here to stay =P

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  1. Being Filipino myself, I see that their style is more 'upscale'. Check out Casa Manila for a traditional and authentic meal :) I suggest ordering pork sisig and bopis w/ garlic fried rice! Yum.

    1. I have been to Casa Manila and tried the sisig and although I really liek it, it was rather heavy for me..... maybe I'll have to go back with a bigger group to share the heavy dishes. What's bopis? will have to go back to try