Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Woodlot have been on my to-eat list for a while now but I have never been able to make it there, maybe because it was so difficult to get a reservation. But after a whole afternoon of a mini food crawl in Kensington Market, we decided to just walk in and see if there's table available and good thing there was still two seats left at the communal table that they leaves for walk in customers. We didn't order much that day since we ate so much all day long, so we decided to just give a few dishes a try. 

Even better since it's right by the kitchen and we got to see as the food got prepare ♥
Took this pic as we were leaving and by then the communal table have clear (I was by the door)

Upstairs are table for reservations....

Love how they have the fridge and expose shelves of spices...

Woodlot's own sour dough bread baked in their wood burning oven

Charred Haloumi Crostini
~ w/ Spiced chickpea puree, rhubarb compote & basil
We saw that being prepared while browsing through the menu and decided right away to order it. Both the cheese and bread was grilled in the wood burning oven right in front of us (^_^)
The Haloumi which is a firmer cheese and had a higher melting point than your regular goat cheese which can be easily grilled gave it an extra layer of flavor here... perfect with the crispy baguette, creamy puree, sweet compote and the burst of freshness from the basil... I can eat this everyday and anyday since it consist 3 of my fave things in the world : cheese, bread and basil ♥

Sweer Pea Agnolotti (small size)
~ w/ lamb ragu, mint & pecorino
The pasta was fresh and the peas was just pure goodness.. Love how the peas wasn't puree to a mush/paste but instead there was still bits and pices which gave the perfect texture with minimal seasoning while the lamb ragu was more salty. It's a great play of the sweet and savoury combination.

Confit Duck Cabbage Rolls
~ w/ barley, wild rice, pistachio, cherry & smoked ham hock
I was so glad that it just happen that their oh-so famous cabbage roll are back and it does not disappoint. Just love everything about it but I do feel like it's a bit Asian influenced, we thought that it was a fancy version of the Peking Duck Lettuce Wraps from Chinese restaurants =P

Spiced Bread Pudding
~ w/ Chocolate Chantilly, candied pecan & brown butter
As you know, I jump to the warn ooyee gooyee dessert whenever it's on the menu and this was made per order (there's a 15 mins wait).... but I have to say it's not my favorite and the chocolate chantilly is way too heavy for an already heavy bread pudding which had a bit too much spice to my liking.... my fave thing was the charred pear here =P

Their patio is opening soon which mean more seats will be availble :)

Verdict :
♥ it and wish I went earlier
Wanted to try the whole menu, so I will definetly be back for more

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  1. Hehe yes told you ages ago that Woodlot is great :) Glad you finally got to try it! I should go back and visit since I never did a post on it lol~

    1. I know, I'll probably go back next month to try more stuff :)

  2. Oh never knew Woodlot's interior was like that. I love your close up shots! lol. Should've tried Woodlot last year, but hopefully I can pay a visit this year :)

    1. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who still haven't been =P
      You should definetly go, so good... I'm planning to go back next month with Justine =D