Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butter Avenue

I have finally been able to made my way to Butter Avenue (@butteravenue) last month. It has been open since December but I just happen not to be in that area since then... I arrive on a Sunday afternoon which was Mother`s Day and was surprise to find the store empty (no customer) and the store was so hot with the sun blazing in, we didn`t feel like staying at all. I find the lcation a tad unconvinent since parking is not allow at the front, so no dropping by for a quick buy (>_<)

Butter Avenue have a very clean, simple, bright and spacious space which is really the norm for "macarons" places these days. In my opinion, it was a tad too simple, just plain white space all over.

 They do have an assortment of moose base cake which I didn't try but it did look amazing but I'll have to say it's a bit pricey at $7.15 a slice.

I bought a box of 6 assorted flavors and have to say I was most impress with their packaging complete with an equally pretty gift bag which will be perfect for gifts

I would have to say I throughly enjoyed it, crispy outer layer with a chewy soft interior with the the perfect feet/ruffle border and my favorite flavor among these was the Passsion Fruit.
Love teh pastel color instead, frankly sometimes I'm just a tiny bit scared of the darker colors ones that other places offer.

Good but couldn't sit down to enjoy since it was so hot inside.
Will probably be back if Macarons gift was needed =P
But I'll have to say my fave Macrons place is still this one

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  1. informative post! I wanted to try Butter Avenue but I won't get my hopes up too high now, after all, I did just have macarons from La Bamboche last week.

    1. I think it's a personal preference, some of my friends actually like Butter Ave better... so worth a try :)