Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drake Cafe & Bistro

One of these past sunny Saturday, as usual we are trying to think of a nice patio for our lunch/brunch and we decided to try Drake Cafe & Bistro. It was packed when we got there at around 2pm but were lucky enough to get the last  table with a sunny spot. I had been here for their Summerlicious lunch here last year and wasn`t very mpress with the food but since I promise myself not to judge with the licious meal, I decided to give it another try (^_^)

Drake Mojito $12 for me & Rolling Rock Beer $6.66 for him
Frankly I thought the cocktail was a tad expensive given that it wa really nothing special w/ only 2oz of rum

House Made Granola $8.50
~ yogurt, fresh fruit + wild flower honey
I really wanted to try their blueberry scones since it's suppose to be "the best in Toronto" but Ben didn't feel like it and insisted on the granola instead. Personally I find granola always being over priced at brunch spots... this was delisious but really didn't work well under the hot sun and still not worth the $$ :(

Lumberjack $12.95
~ 3 eggs, Perth bacon + Cumbrae's sausage, house fries + buttermilk pancakes w/ maple syrup
Frankly this is what it is and there was nothing special about this... the house fries was not flavorful as I had wish, even a bit bland... the pancakes was kind of too dense :(

Southern Fried Chicken + Waffles $14.75
~ herb waffle, maple syrup, creme fraiche + Niagara cherry jam
This was delicious, although I didn't like the fried chicken last time (here), this was perfectly crispy and love how they added the herb, a savoury element to the sweet waffle which was very light and fluffy on the inside and a little bit of a crunch to the outside. And I also love how the cherry jam was with the hole cherries still intact ♥ Just get a bit of everything in each bite and it's heavenly... perfect with a cold drink.

Verdict :
I'll definetly be back since I love their patio...
will def order the chicken waffle again and maybe finally try their blueberry scones as well =P

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  2. Maybe it's just me, but I tend to stay away from Granola, oats, etc. I love my eggs and heavier dishes, haha. I've never eaten at Drake before.. although a few years ago I had my uni grad party here, lol.