Friday, June 15, 2012

La Carnita

The anticipation for the opening of the oh-so-popular taco & art roaming pop-up shop La Carnita  (@la_carnita) have been building, especially after the UNO party at Brickworks back in April this year. I have been a big fan just after a bite of their fish taco (see previous post here & here). And this past Tuesday June 12th 2012, they finally open their doors to eager fans like me at College and Bathurst.
They have been quite secretive about their opening date and have only been giving us sneek peek of their renovation... and have only let slip the opening date this past weekend but too bad I already had something plan for the night, so I have only been able to go on the 2nd day (^_^)

It's previously the Briscola space (post here), so I know that it will be a large enough space compare to most places especially the popular and 1-2hrs line up taco place, Grand Electric (post here)

The 6 of us arrived at around 7:00pm this past Wednesday and immediately got a table/booth by the back.
Love this light bulbs light fixture right above our table

Simple menu with just 4 apps, 6 types tacos & 3 desserts to choose from (only 2 deserts for us that night since they took Churros off their menu since the receipt wasn't that sucessful on the first day)The 6 of us (Me, Ben, Andrew @_aneb, Carmen @carmenhungry, Justine@foodigatorJ & her friend)ordered everything and I did get to try all 6 tacos between me and Ben =P

Carnita Margarita $11
~ 2oz Tromba Tequila, 5oz Cointreau, lime juice, agave nectar
La Hermana $10 (mine)
~ 1oz Trinva Tequila, 1oz Acarci, 5oz Carcano, muddled jalapeno, agave nectar
Their drinks are pretty strong which I love but if you prefer lighter or sweeter drinks, these are not for you.

Who Shot Ya? $10
~ 2oz Bullet Bourbon, Jamaica Syrup, Ginger Syrup, lemon juice

Tortilla Chips ($6.50/ea or $13.00 for all 3)
~ Sikil Pak, Guacamole, Mezcal Chipotle Pate
I fing the dips just ok, but love the ancho chili dusted tortilla chips

Avocado Mango Salad $8
~ w/ cilantro, lime dressing, queso fresco & pepitas
The mango salad sat on half an avocado, it's very simple and that's make it so perfect. The creamy avocado, sweet crunchy mango, the crispy potato sticks and the spicy chilis...

Mexican Street Corn $7
~ Mexican crema, queso anejo, arbol & ancho chili powder
I have alwasy love lime & chili powder with my grill corn but this brings it to another level...
This was one of the hightlight of our meal. It's just perfect, a must try ♥

Chiles Rellenos $7
~ Oaxaca Cheese, requeson, lime & adobo yogurt
We only have 1/2 each shared between the 6 of us but from the small bite I had, I could taste the peper at all and was only able to taste teh yogurt mostly :(

Tacox $5/ea
We each order seperately but everything just came all mix up, wish we each got our plates since it's really difficult to make out which is which (O_o)"
In Cod We Trust
~ Volton sauce, lime crema, pickled red cabbage, green apple & cilantro
We all ordered this since this is the classic of La Carnita and I think I'll never ever get bored of this, I have it times and times during their previous pop-up

Red-Green Chorizo
~ Housemade Chorizo, mango salsa, pickled onion, queso cotija & cilantro

Carne Asada
~ skirt steak, queso aflejo, lettuce, salsa verde
This was the only one that I didn't enjoy, the steak was rather tought and overcooked :(

Crispy Avocado & Frijoles
~ beans, crispy avocado  chipotle sauce, queso fresco & cilantro
Surprise surprise cauhis one although it has no meat =P The warm creamy avocado is just so good with the crispy outer layer and the beans and chipotle sauce just gave it enough earthiness to tide everything together (^_^)

Pollo Frito
~ peanut mole sauce, pickled green cabbage & salsa fresca
The peanut sauce just compliment the tender and moist chicken which was surrounded by a thin batter so perfectly . 
Tostada de Langua
~ cilantro verde, cashew sauce, grilled pineapple radish & beet sprouts
This was probably my favorite of the night, the beef tongue was super tender which is so perfect with the crispy tostada ♥♥♥

Paletas $3.50/ea
 Lime Pie w/ salted graham crackers & Pineapple + chili w/ guajillo & arbol
These are just so good, I'm totally in love ♥
The lim pie was creamy good, not too sweet with a touch of salt from the crackers, so good.
The pineapple and chili was just so perfect as well, a bit of an Asian flavor...

Artwork of the night, only one per table... I was sort of mad when they told us it's only one per table cause we are all fan and have been collecting them.... so should the 6 of us sat seperately or seperate bill ?!?

Also got a tshirt for Ben by @Shingo_Shimizu, so cool
♥ it !!!

Verdict :
It's a really relax atmosphere, great soundtrack, great service and great food.
I will be back sooner than you think =P

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  1. What? Briscola is closed? Seriously? I know this post is on La Carnita but it's such a shock to me cuz I've been wanting to visit! Gotta cross it off my list now :( Anyway, I'll be sure to visit La Carnita when I get the chance.. too many restos to go to! Haha

    1. I know, love Bricola :(
      The list is always too long for us with all the new palces poping up

  2. Great photos, I love Tacos and Mexican food in general. Definitely look to hit this spot up soon.

  3. great picture and great post! just do you compare La Carnita with Grand Electric?

    1. I love both but since no reservation for both, La Carnita is much larger, so no wait time. I have been 3 times since it open and I never had to wait for a table.

      But on the other hand, I'll have to say that it'ss a bit different since La Carnita is mainly about tacos whereas Grand Electric include other dishes that's so good...

    2. thanks for the kind suggestions. i'll try both in this case then.

    3. Not sure if you saw my post on Grand Electric