Wednesday, April 24, 2013

@EyalPastryChef at Boehmer Restaurant

Remember when I mention that we had other plan after dinner here, it's because we decided to head to Boehmer Restaurant after seeing a tweet pic by Pastry Chef Eyal Liebman (@EyalPastryChef) earlier, where he will be cooking for the night.

Since we ate already, we just went in for the dessert and a drink
This Black Current Souffle was an ice cream which was so light, airy and perfect. This was a rather large portion bit since it was so good, we definitely have no problem finishing it.

We sat at the bar since at 10:00pm at night, the place was still incredibly packed.
Ben had a glass of wine while I try to be adventurous and try a cocktail but this Glamorous Cocktail was rather sweet and plain and was a horrible idea to have it with the dessert.

Verdict :
Will have to follow @EyalPastryChef closely and see what's up next, would definitely want to try more of his desserts


  1. Sweet! Souffles are rare here in Toronto, so it's nice to see it at Boehmer :)

    1. It wasn't really a souffle, it was ice cream/sorbet but incredibly airy..... Would love to find real souffle thou

  2. Yep, it's a frozen souffle :) Not baked in the oven, but uses whipped egg whites and/or cream to make it airy. For the hot version, I've only seen it on Harbour Sixty's menu and Ici Bistro. I've only had souffle once in Toronto, which was at Ruelo at Times Square.