Monday, April 15, 2013

Yorkshire Valley Farms #ChickNDip [EVENT]

Back on Feb 28th, 10 food bloggers and Celebrity Gastro-Entertainer Christian Pritchard was invited to test out Yorkshire Valley Farms' Organic Chicken Nuggets (@YVForganic) at the gorgeous Sub-Zero Wolf Showroom. At this Chick N' Dip Event, we got to sample their organic chicken nuggets along with 11 sauces.

Within those 2 hours, I ate more nuggets than needed so yes they were tasty.
They were small tiny bite size, moist and delicious even on it's own... yes, even without any dipping sauce.

To refresh our palate between dips

McEwan's Bacon Jam (@McEwanFoods)
This was probably the favorite of most people, me included ♥

No need to say that i finish the jar in no time, perfect on bread and even better w/ roasted tomatoes.
Also love it on a cheese broad as well, basically it's good on anything since everything taste better with bacon ;)

Sweet Pepper Relish by Killer Condiments (@KillrCondiments)
This is on the sweet side, I would pair this with meat and maybe a salty cheese (burger w/feta?!)

Rossy's Diablo's Fuego Hot Sauce (@PanCanCooks)
Have been wanting to try this forever and it definitely live up to all the hype.
It was not as spicy as I thought it would be but it was incredibly flavorful that I didn't need the extra heat. It's definitely very addictive and I especially loved it on my scrambled egg (^_^)

Maggi - Hot & Sweet Tomato Chili Sauce (@MaggiCanada)
 DA (Dine Alone) Foods - "Southern Blues" kickin" Original BBQ Sauce (@DA_Foods)
Out of all the sauces, these two sauces was one of the sauces that I would normally choose for my nuggets...... these are def more traditional choices



 Eudora Foods - Khaldin Traditional Curry Sauce (@eudorafoods)
Although I love the sauce, I found it too light and watery as a dip. I would prefer it with shrimp & rice/pasta.

Bumpercorp - Green Tomato Garlic Jam (@TheBumpercrop)

Neal Brothers - Toasted Sesame & Honey Dijon (@nealbrothers)
Salad dressing as dips?!? But I'll have to say that the Toasted Sesame was one of my favorite of the night. Love the tart vinegar taste and the nutty sesame with the nugget which is different and refreshing.

Bonne Maman Plum Spread (@BonneMamanUS)
I was surprise that I actually like it with my nuggets, it shows how versatile this jam can be.
Once again a sweet and savory combination that I love.

We each got a very generous gift box to bring home
(it was super heavy and had such a tough time hauling this home, wish it was in a bag)

Felt so honored to be part of this amazing #ChickNDip event. 
I still haven't finish all my sauces, def have to think up new ways to use them (^_^)
What a great event; great food and got to meet a bunch of new bloggers/foodies.

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