Monday, April 22, 2013

Lisa Marie (fidel gastro)

Lisa Marie is the newly opened Queen West Restaurant from fidel gastro (@fidelgastros) Matt Basile. The kitchen here will be doing double duty as the production central for his food truck Priscilla as well. Being a big fan of all his pop-up, I just had to go try as soon as they open up.

I made a reservation for the 2nd day of their opening.
Continuing with their Elvis theme, the space was rather spacious with a bunch of high communal tables on one side. It was in no way a tight space but with the high backless bar stool, I wished there was some kind of hook underneath the table or by the wall to hook my bag or coat.

Somehow I really like the rusty lamp they had (^_^)

At the back, there's many marinated raw meat and canned good to bring home.
I bought their last Jar of Bacon Jam ($7) which I just tried and love, it wasn't oily like many other brands and was packed with bacon. I will have to go back to try the marinated meat as well, a brown butter Guinness marinated chicken sort of catch my eyes =P

Love how they are serving all local Beer & Wines

Their menu consist of 11 items, thing meant to share while the menu displayed the special for the bigger plates and desserts.

Testa Dura $11 (Tromba, Aperol, agave water & lime juice) & Wellington Dark $7
Love the simple cocktail, not too sweet and no overwhelming flavors.... perfect.

Since the dishes are all small tapas style, 3 dishes came on the same plate here.
Deep Fried Pizza $7
~ Fried pizza dough, saucy homemade meatball w/ lemon arugula & tomato braised white beans
I find the fried dough bland and rather tough... I find myself missing Matt's sandwiches and wish the meatball was served on bread instead.

Mozzarella and Marrow Sangweech $7
~ Buffalo mozzarella, roasted veal bone marrow on two slices of focaccia bread deep fried and topped w/ lemon
Love this, it's deep fried and it's cheese; what not to love 

Eggplant in a Jar $5
~ Brined eggplant, tallegio cheese, thai chillis and fresh lime served w/ zucchini chips
The chips were soggy and tough while the dish itself was very salty, wish it came with some kind of carb (bread/rice?!)

Pork Belly Cheese Thang $5
~ Smoked pork belly w/ cilantro cherry tomato salsa served on a melted Havarti cheese crisp, topped w/ chili basil aioli
The pork belly tasted just like the one in one of his sandwich but without the bread, the pork take center stage.

Short Rib Polenta Patty $5
~ Beer braised short rib served on a smoked tomato & Parmesan charred polenta cake, topped w/ a fried basil leaf
Love this, the polenta cake was soft and slightly sweet which goes perfectly w/ the flavored packed short ribs.

The Turkey Wing 1 for $7 & 2 for $12
~ One massive free-range turkey wing done proper w/ a hoisin chili sauce, sesame seeds and green onion or buffalo style w/ blue cheese aioli & shaved pickled carrot and celery
This was more of a drumstick than wing but it was delicious nonetheless. Surprisingly we both like the hoisin sauce better which was so thick that it cling to the skin so perfectly and with the barely there spiciness was so good.... while the buffalo version was somehow lacking.

Deli Style Surf n' Turf $6
~ House smoked pastrami and cured sardine, served on a latke w/ pickled veg & sour cream
Love the colorful presentation, however I find the pickled veggies overwhelm the cured sardine where you can barely taste it when eaten together. The sardine on it's own was perfect, not too salty or sour and still perfectly moist and plump.

Fresh Tuna Puttanesca Roll $9
~ Ahi tuna marinated in puttanesca sauce rolled w/ bean sprouts, red pepper, purple cabbage, carrot, basil & cilantro in a rice paper wrap. Swerved w/ sweet & sour mango sauce.
This was rather spicy and I liked it better with the mango sauce than the fish sauce since it ends up being way too salty while the mango sauce balance the spiciness better.

Have dessert plans afterwards, so we didn't order any but would love to try the bone marrow donuts.

Verdict :
Some hits & misses but they just opened so I am hoping some things will change.
Wish some of his sandwich was available to order
Will definetly come back (^_^)

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  1. I like the Fresh Tuna Puttanesca Roll, seems quite good...