Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grand Electric (Lunch)

I haven't been back to Grand Electric (@grandelectricTO) since my post here due to their famous 2hrs lineup. They over seven days a week for lunch, so we decided to give it a try for lunch one Saturday since we passed by a couple of times not seeing lineups..... and lucky us, we only waited for 20-30mins, just enough time to grab a coffee across the street (^_^)

Simple menu on the board just like dinner.
They have the same taco choices and a lot of the other dishes for both lunch & dinner, so I would suggest coming for lunch to avoid the long wait and still enjoy their yummy goodness.

Spicy Caesar $10 & Ceviche Monkey Beer $6.50

Pork Belly Torta $9
I am so glad that it came with the wet-naps since it was very saucy and was quite messy but incredibly delicious. The pork belly was just melt in your mouth good with the thick spicy sweet sauce and also love the bun which soak up the sauce nicely inside but without soaking through the crust. (had the taco version last time here and it was my fave taco of the night)

Pozole $7 
+ add an egg $0.50
Just as my last visit I love their hearty soup with the incredible spicy salsa on the side, not to mention the huge pile of Guacamole on top and the egg on top. It's just so pack with flavor served piping hot which is perfect for cold or gloomy weather.

We order 4 tacos to share at $3.5/ea
Baja Fish, Pork Tinga, Spicy Arbol Chicken and Scrapple Taco
Love how much filling there is here and they are only at $3.50 each plus they are all so delicious.
 I actually never had Scrapple before and I actually love it with the soft and mushy texture with the fried crispy shell plus the aioli and soft taco.

Key Lime $5
Love dessert in a jar (ask my friends, I have a strange addiction with bottles & jars) and it taste as good as I remember.

Verdict :
We will definitely come back to lunch now that we know the wait is so much better than dinner
Love everything here just as much as my first visit

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  1. Glad to hear they're still as good. I read in "An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies" once that most restaurants deliver the highest quality in the first 3 months of opening and then dwindle off. Glad Grand Electric isn't one of them ;)

  2. It's in my 'hood but the line-ups keep me away.

    1. Good news is, they are doing tale out now :D